6 Must-Have Casual Women’s Shoes

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Hold up, fashionista, are you going to the office? I asked with my brows raised. No, I’m going to the mall, she replied with confusion. In six-inch heels? Don’t you have any casual women’s shoes? I asked again to which she shook her head. I sighed and joined my hand with hers. We are going to the mall, to get you the 6 must-have casual women’s shoes.

Hey fashionistas, did you like my analogy? I felt like writing something different (shrugs) and I must say, I was such a good friend in the story, right? (Oh, c’mon, you know I was). So, have you ever met someone who goes to the mall, the neighbor’s house, the beach, a diner, or on any casual trip, and wears high-heeled shoes? Of course, there are people like that, however, it is still necessary to have some casual shoes.

Casual Women’s Shoes;

Casual women’s shoes are like the definition of foot comfiness. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love to emphasize on comfort. Not just on what we wear as clothes but also on our footwear. It is highly necessary for a woman to have at least three of the casual shoes, we would be seeing in this blog.

There is no day I do not cherish having sandals or flip-flops, because they save me the stress of thinking about what shoe matches a palazzo outfit.

There is an Instagram fashionista I follow, Featur. styles. I get some of my outfit inspiration from that post and I do recommend that you guys check it out. Now, I am not saying it is not necessary to have high heels and whatnot but it will do us more good to have casual shoes as well. There are a lot of casual women’s shoes because not everyone defines casual the way someone else would. However, we will be focusing on my favorite six;

6 Must-Have Casual Women’s Shoes:


Causal Women's Shoes Casual Women's Shoes Casual Women's Shoes Casual Women's Shoes

Slides are backless, open-toed shoes that are easy to wear and remove. They are considered the most common casual shoe any woman must have. I love slides because they are comfortable and can be worn for any casual trip outfit. Slides are among the most popular shoes today.

For example: pairing blue fitted jeans with a simple black shirt and topping it up with a pair of Adidas striped slides or wearing black leather jeans, a white shirt, a black leather jacket, and a pair of black slides. Slide or slide sandals are designed to be light and comfortable and to make the foot breathe easier when it’s hot. I love to go out, especially to the movies and so, my all time favorite go-to casual shoe is slides.

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Casual Women's ShoesMule is a style of shoe that has pointed toes and no back or constraint around the foot’s heel. Some Mules may have been designed to have heels however there are different types and the ones with no heels are also available for casual outings.

The benefit of wearing mules is that it gives a relaxed foot because of their backless property almost like the slides. Mules are also beneficial because they are casual and comfortable. They also have the properties of being worn to slightly formal events like parties.

Casual Women's Shoes

For example: pairing a knee-length, sleeveless white gown with a blue jean jacket tied at the stomach and white mules gives you a classy casual look. Mules come in different styles like loafer mules, open-toed mules, and even heeled mules. However, the signature flat mules are the most casual.


Casual Women's Shoes

Canvas shoes and sneakers are very basic forms of casual shoes. They are more sporty and comfortable and can be worn for a wide range of casual events. Canvas shoes and sneakers may include lace-ups because of the shoelace. However, canvas shoes can be worn in hot weather because it allows air to cool your feet.

casual women's shoes

You can decide to wear any of these shoes on busy weekends filled with running around activities. For example: pairing a pink hoodie with light blue jeans (skirt or trousers) and white or pink canvas makes you look chic and casual. For running around activities, you can pair boyfriend jeans with a black crop top and black sneakers or canvas.


Casual women's shoes

How can you pair a beach or pool party outfit without flip-flops? Okay, maybe you can wear a full party dress to the party but what about at the beach or the pool with your swim-suit? Flip-flops are the epitome of casual and are a type of light sandals, typically worn in the form of casual footwear.

Casual Women's Shoes

Flip-flops come in different styles, like sandals, leather, plastic straps, rubber, etc. Women’s flip flops are generally made from a foam sole, with a plastic toe support in the middle. For example: pairing blue jean shorts, a white camisole, and white shirt with a pair of black flip-flops gives you the ultimate summer vibe. You can also pair a mini black sleeveless dress and black cardigan with black flip-flops and a straw hat to give you a casual classy look.

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Now, who said flip-flops can’t work in style? (wink)


Casual Women's Shoes

These are what I like to call casual flats. Ballet pumps are a flat slipper-type shoe ideal for women who want something they can wear anywhere. I worked in a food company during my IT, and as a laboratory analyst, it was highly compulsory to wear a cover shoe. However, slight exceptions were made for ballet pumps because they do the job of covering the toes. As well as giving us a more casual look.

For example: pairing black jeans with a tucked black shirt and black lace-up ballerina flats gives you a business casual look.


Casual Women's Shoes

Wedges are what I call casual heels. A wedge heel can give an outfit a touch of classy look, without having to sacrifice comfort. They are more comfortable than high-heeled pumps, especially a lower wedge, and can help complete a variety of outfits. This shoe can be worn on any casual trip as well as formally.

I love wedges because of their ability to allow me to walk freely despite their heels. For example: pairing a simple short-sleeved, knee-length fitted white dress with brown wedge heels gives you a more-refined look, that you can even wear for your date.

If any of you have read my book, “Dealing with Love“, you’d see that all the outfits are more casual with its complementing casual shoe.

In conclusion:

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