6 Looks of Queen Elizabeth and Prince William on Coronation

Queen Elizabeth & Prince Charles Coronation 006
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Interestingly, we have Queen Elizabeth and Prince William on coronation to discuss. However, we will discuss Prince Charles’s and Queen Elizabeth’s styles of coronations. Through, the passing of Queen Elizabeth there has the coronation of Prince Charles. Further, we will discuss the most illuminating preparations have made on coronations.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince William at Coronation Looks

Firstly, Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation Looks; Queen Elizabeth and Prince William at Coronations

Distinctly, the difference is Queen Elizabeth has coronated as Queen in 1953 and Prince Harry in 2023. Moreover, royal dresses and jewelry also has designed differently for both.

Queen Elizabeth and King William on Coronation 001
Presently, Jewelry Queen Elizabeth has on the Coronation.

Indeed, Queen Elizabeth has worn a weighty and glamorous crown and a white set of necklace and earrings. Along with this, she has rings and handcuffs made up of precious gold and stones.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince William on Coronation 002
Specifically, Queen Elizabeth was full of Jewels doing the Ritual of Coronation. Along, with having the Royal Stick and Pot in her Hand.

Definitely, having fully covered with jewelry is a sign of royal families from the beginning. Similarly, we have seen at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth all the things around her was fully emerged in gold.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince William on Coronation 003
Moreover, there was the Royal Cart of Queen Elizabeth as a Part of the Coronation Ritual which was also too Golden like Makeup of Gold.

Secondly, Prince William at Coronation Looks; Queen Elizabeth and Prince William on Coronation.

Queen Elizabeth & Prince Charles on Coronation 005
Pleasantly, here in this Picture Prince William has Stood with his Family on his Coronation.

Significantly, Prince William has seen in a very attentive way with his family. As being, the old son of the royal family he has a good protocol.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince William on Coronation 004
It is said, the Royal Cart at King Charles Coronation has Fewer Horses and More Gold.

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Excitingly, the cart of Prince Charles has decorated with gold. Additionally, it has two horses and the doors are electrical.


Amazingly, the cart that has prepared for Prince Charles is of black color with a significant amount of gold. Comparatively, Prince Charles’s coach has not as much gold as Queen Elizabeth’s cart has.

Queen Elizabeth & Prince Charles Coronation 006
Furthermore, Incredible Picture of Prince William having with his Family doing the Ritual of Coronation.

Last but not least, Prince William and his family have done great during the coronation. For instance, they have prepared well in good outfits. In addition, they have grabbed the attention of a huge crowd because of their action and looks.

More, talking about the outfits of the Prince William family have, their outfits were awesome. Especially, the preparation and wearing of the dresses they have were incredible.

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