6 Best Reasons to Wear Green

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Green is one of the most suitable colors for almost any situation. This is the color that inspires you, brings fresh energy every time, and is suitable for both day and evening outfits.

green skirt

How to style green

Use different shades of green for every occasion and location. For example, for gym equipment, you can choose a fluorescent green, while a formal dress looks perfect in a royal green. For everyday outfits, you can choose stronger or paler shades of green depending on the location and type of event. And if you want a more serious look, green in vintage tones is perfect.

Choose warm or cool shades according to your skin pigment. https://fashonation.com/the-perfect-color/

If you like very colorful outfits you can wear green in combination with red as they are complementary colors. Just keep in mind that it is a color combination associated with the Christmas atmosphere. https://fashonation.com/christmas-and-new-year-fashion-superstitions/

green long dress

A monochromatic green outfit can also look great. However, be sure to combine several shades to distinguish each element and accentuate your silhouette. It usually looks better if you place the lighter shades at the top of the outfit and the darker ones at the bottom.

If you prefer a more understated look you can combine green with white, black, grey, or cream, or even use it just as a color accent.

Timeless Colour Combinations with GREEN | Classic Fashion – YouTube




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Best reasons to wear green

Green is the color of hope and freshness. It’s perfect if you’re going through a more depressing time. This color gets rid of anxiety and helps you relax.


It is a feminine color. It will give you an extra feminine energy. Here is my post on the energy of our outfits https://fashonation.com/the-energy-behind-your-outfit/


Green is associated with nature. Therefore, you can wear this color when you spend more time outdoors. You’ll be more connected to the nature around you.

It is the color of the heart chakra. So, choose to wear a green blouse, a chain with a green stone, or anything else in the chest area, especially at times when you need creativity and self-love. https://fashonation.com/the-power-of-colors/

Green is also associated with money, wealth, and good luck. Depending on your beliefs, one idea would be to choose a green wallet.

In the eyes of others when you wear green you will be seen as a serious and reliable person. And more than likely you’ll get used to it and start to feel the same way.

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