6 Awesome Ripped Jeans For Hot Men

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Casual jeans are worn at every moment and are very common worldwide today. Formal jeans and designer jeans are no doubt in the wardrobe of everyone. A form of jeans that is also very popular among youth and models is ripped jeans.

Ripped jeans also known as destroyed jeans, torn jeans, or distressed jeans are fashion statements today. These jeans have a shabby look indeed, and the feeling of being cool is so in fashion.

Take a look at these ripped jeans and maybe you’ll fall in love with one of them.

#1. Men’s ripped jeans

Men's ripped jeans

Men’s ripped jeans are generally more on-demand. The crazy look of the torn jeans makes them the best for male attire. Compared to a girl’s lifestyle, ripped jeans look cool more on men than on women. A pair of ripped men’s jeans can be worn with a cool dark shirt and a blazer for an elegant look.

#2. Straight-Legged Ripped Jeans For Men

Straight-Legged Ripped Jeans For Men

The designer effect of these jeans gives them more attraction due to the colored fabric peeking out from the inside. It is best for men with muscular bodies to have a chic look.

#3. Designer Ripped Jeans For Men

There is also great demand for designer ripped jeans for men. With scratches from the top thigh portion to the ankle, these jeans look spectacular.

#4. Destroyed white ripped men’s jeans.

One of the designer jeans men and women would love to own is a pair of white jeans. When worn carefully, white jeans look stunning without getting stained. These jeans are very expensive, but they are of very high quality.

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#5. Ripped and repaired Men’s Vintage jeans

Ripped and repaired Men's Vintage jeans

Vintage ripped jeans are stylish destroyed jeans, which are very attractive and cool in looks. These jeans make men look stronger and more attractive when worn.

#6. Bright Red Men’s Ripped Jeans

Bright Red Men's Ripped Jeans

A pair of colorful ripped jeans is something men and women commonly wear these days. There is a particular preference for the red color. White t-shirts are best paired with red trousers with scratches and torn edges.

#6. Men’s Designer Slim Fit Jeans Ripped

There are slim-fit jeans for men with designer features. The patches tend to destroy the stitches on the jeans, making them look cool. The pockets in these jeans are displayed attractively with the stitching highlights to be repaired.

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