6 Attractive Accessories For Men

Accessories for men
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Hola Fashionistas, ever wondered what makes men attractive? Nope, it’s not your smile, lol, it’s your outfit and accessories. As a guy, there’s a lot of pressure to be sophisticated and elegant, with that perfect opening line. You don’t realize that a lady has measured you up in ten different ways before you open your mouth. I’m a lady, so I should know, right? lol. So, I was wondering if we ladies, could help out the guys, by emphasizing 6 attractive accessories for men.

Why are accessories important?

Accessories for menAccessories are a significant but subtle way of sending a message. That message could be something simple like your favorite color is blue. It could be something tacky like “I’ve got money” or it could be something profound like “I know who I am”. I’ve got a brother and there are times I would swoon just because a simple stylish bracelet could make his entire casual outfit look sophisticated. Lol, and he’s my brother.

The right accessories can make or break an outfit. They make a good outfit into a great one. The right watch, the perfect cufflinks, and the perfect pair of shades. What’s more, the best use for accessories is to start a conversation. Furthermore, even the best accessories tell a story. Are they cufflinks your grandfather gave you? Was that the watch you bought when you started your own business? Is it the vintage tie clip that you found at a thrift store?

Here are 5 top accessories for men that makes them look more attractive.


Accessories for menWatches are the most popular accessories common to men. It does not only show time but status as well. Furthermore, it adds a visual element. When men choose a watch, they take note of functionality and fashion.

What is the time, please? A classic wristwatch, I guess. A wristwatch adds sophistication to your outfit especially if it’s very beautiful and classic.

They come in different styles and looks. If you are always on the move, having a smartwatch keeps you going as all your notifications can be sent to your wrist without having to stop to check your phone. It is impossible not to feel great when wearing a good wristwatch.

accessories for menNow pairing of wristwatches is another essential thing to note. I have seen a lot of guys, Nigerian guys who would pair a sports watch with native attire. That should be a big No.

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If a sports wristwatch should never be worn with a suit, sports wristwatches should never be worn with native attire. Try to avoid making this fashion faux pas. You should wear your native clothes with leather wristwatches (preferably) or stainless steel wristwatches.

Casual watches like dive watches, pilot watches, and dress watches, could be invested in. They are not only casual but can work for important functions as well.



Sunglasses, whether clear or dark shade, is a must-have accessory for men. It gives just the right edge to bringing out the classiness, and sophistication of any attire. I remember that I would particularly love it in movies when the mysterious guy would slowly remove his sunglasses. And then, the ladies would swoon at the beauty of his eyes.

Check out different types of sunglasses here; https://www.ties.com/blog/best-sunglasses-trends-men

The most important thing to note about sunglasses is how to pair them. Facial shape as well as the kind of outfit you’re wearing should be the primary basis for choosing the right sunglasses.

Wayfarers and rectangular sunglasses are best suited for Oval and round faces.

Accessories for men

While Aviators, Semi-rimless, Rimless, and Club masters, are best suited for square and heart-shaped faces.


Accessories for men; Semi rimlessAccesories for men; Aviator glassesAccessories for men; Club master

The kind of shades you choose should compliment your outfit and face shape no matter what. It doesn’t just add finesse but also increases attractiveness.


accessories for men; TieThe first thing a lady notices, or let me say, I notice when I see a guy in a complete suit is his tie. No matter, what anyone tells, the tie is a very important accessory when it comes to professional looks. Color combination is not something to be messed with when it comes to business outfits. It is necessary to know what goes on what, even though some contrasting colors, have been pulled off.



Tie accessories such as clips, bars, tacks, and chains are also accessories that a man should have. They bring out the quality of the tie and show the beauty of the attire.

Accesories for men; tie chain


Accesories for men; Hats and Face capsWhether we are talking about casual or business outfits, Hats have always been a multi-functional accessory. The face caps, however, are mainly on the low casual end as they enrich the outfit in more ways than one. If there is one thing everyone knows, is that the ray of the sun hits the face. Sunglasses are not the only things that protect the eyes from the sun. This means that not only do hats and face caps, protect the eyes, but they also protect the face. They add a little bit of everything; style, finesse, sophistication, and even uniqueness.

Most celebrities are known to wear hats or face caps when they wanna escape the paparazzi and it has worked for some, right? I love wearing face caps because it just adds their own beauty to my outfit.


Accessories for men; cologneWhen we talk about accessories, we are basically saying; I need something that would bring out the pop in my attire. The reason why perfumes and colognes should be attributed as accessories is; they are known to transform impressions into memories. I once watched a movie titled My ID is Gangnam beauty. In that movie, the male protagonist identified his heroine through her perfume. The female protagonist then proceeded to buy the male, his own signature cologne because it left an impression on them.

It might seem unnecessary but the first thing I notice when I’m next to a guy is his scent. Whether it’s the subtle or sharp scent, it is important for a guy to invest in how he smells.




Bracelets are not just for women but for men as well. One way to predict a guy’s vibe such as cool, mysterious, rich, and classy, is through his bracelet. Even though not many men can maintain a bracelet, it is one of the best accessories to compliment both casual and professional outfits.

Accessories for men; Bracelets Accessories for men 234 Accessories for men


In conclusion;

I have ranted a lot but I hope this blog has shed some light on some things that make a man more attractive.

Attraction is what we get for someone at first glance, and it is bubbled up by physical appearance.

Now guys, please don’t forget to like, RECOMMEND, COMMENT AND SHARE, this blog. I would be so grateful to hear your ever-unbiased opinions.

Question of the day; What accessories can be worn for a movie date?

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Later Fashionistas…

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