5 Ways To Save Money For A Wedding.

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A friend of mine recently got married, before then she came to me with a gloomy face as she needed to save money. I know she is a merry-go-round type of girl but seeing her like that automatically placed me in a worried mood. Knowing her type I know there is a problem that needs to be solved. We met over lunch and ordered, I was about to dig in when she screamed “I am already exhausted!!”

I could not place it, I mean we just ordered lunch, you have not started with yours, how can you be exhausted!! without a taste of your yummy meal. Right there she told me her wedding plan is falling apart. I had to come on board with her, you might want to join us on this journey.

Being able to have a surplus on your wedding is something to pride on, explaining this, is a lot easier since some singles to be married are looking for ways to cut down on their expenses and at the same time have a fulfilling wedding celebration without hurdles. Hence marriage has never been easier. With the right plans, success is inevitable.

save money for wedding

Important ways you can save money for your marriage.

Bear in mind that these easy ways have been tested and proven true. With these ways mapped out as a single to be married, you see your marriage coming to success. Strictly follow the mapped-out rules. Just as a map is used for direction so this will help out soon-to-be couples. These are ways to achieve it.

save money

1. Create a marriage account to save money

Create a marriage account without a withdrawal plan. Better still make it deposit money [money held at the bank] always pouring or saving as much as possible. Look at it as to your benefit.

2. Estimate the costs

This aspect is very important in ways to plan for your wedding. With the estimation in place, you and your spouse can pinpoint the amount to be spent. Doing this lessens your burdens.

3. Spend less or cut down on your frivolous things to save money

Spending nothing at all on things not needed will reduce some expenses. Let your head always be on your neck on the issues of what to buy. Sometimes we are overwhelmed or joyous about the event that we end up spending on frivolous things that are not needed. Beware!!! Unnecessary expenses that can destroy your budget, better manage your expenses than regret them later.


4. Save every little penny

In a situation like this, every penny matters no matter how small or how big. This is the reason you must have a plan you and your spouse should decide the amount to be saved for your upcoming marriage. Since you set a goal for it, you and your partner should work diligently in fulfilling the goal.

5 Last and not least, weekdays weddings will save money

I know you have been told that weekends are only for weddings, what about weekdays? They are not meant only for work they can be made for weddings too. Look at it this way, with people being occupied with their work the issue of the large crowd will be managed. You have your expected people to yourself.


Plan your day to your taste at the same time don’t go above your budget. Make your plans achievable meaning keep it simple! Run away from debt wedding so you won’t have a heart attack while your day is near or even after. Stick to the plan. Remember to spend on what you need if you don’t you might just regret it later.

I remember after the journey my friend called me screaming at the top of her voice”thank you, you made it easy for me” I have never been happier.” In my thought, my girl is back!!!

The soon-to-be couple, I wish to bring such happiness and joy to you as you go through your journey. Wishing you a fulfilling marriage ahead.

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By Chioma Obasi

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