5 Ways to Incorporate Silk Into Your Haircare Routine!

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Silk is a natural protein fiber that is considered to be one of the most luxurious fabrics. It is popular because of its smooth texture and beautiful appearance. It is one of the strongest fibers and has been described in Ayurveda. Silk provides several benefits, including reducing friction, locking in moisture, minimizing breakage, and supporting your hair’s natural flow. Here’s how to include silk into your haircare routine.

5 ways to incorporate Silk into your haircare Routine!

– For hair soft as Silk


1. Pillowcases

Silk: pillowcases

The smoothness of silk allows your hair to slide across the cloth without producing friction. Cotton, on the other hand, snags the hair and produces tangles, and you are more likely to wake up with frizzy hair or flyaways. Because of its reluctance to absorb moisture, silk pillows also assist maintain hydration contained in your hair. Cotton, on the other hand, absorbs moisture, leaving your hair dry or giving you a flaky scalp.


2. Hair Bonnets

silk: hair bonnets

Bonnet from: Etsy

A hair bonnet is a soft variant of a cap that is best worn when sleeping. All you have to do is tuck your hair inside the hat and sleep soundly. If you want to simplify your hair objectives, silk hair bonnets are a wonderful purchase. They keep your conditioning goods from getting absorbed into your pillowcase while forcing them to work harder. It will help protect and keep your hair intact when sleeping if you have just had a blowout or styled your hair.


3. Scrunchies

Silk: Scrunchies

Silk scrunchies may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of hair care, but they may play an important part in maintaining excellent hair health. Silk scrunchies softly hold the hair in place while making you appear fantastic. A standard cotton scrunchie or hair tie may cause damage to the hair, leaving it knotted or appearing like a nest, and the discomfort of removing it is something no one appreciates. It’s time to replace your hair ties with silk scrunchies. PS: You don’t have to pay a lot of money to get your hands on these silk ties.


4. Silk Hair Scarves

Silk Hair Scarves

Hair scarves have recently made a statement, and silk is a fabric that exudes elegance, so why not combine the two and invest in a silk hair scarf? They make such a statement, especially in the spring and summer. Silk’s temperature-regulating qualities will keep your hair cool in hot weather. The best thing is that silk is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust and fungi. It will not bother your skin when you seem beautiful and serve looks.


5. Silk Accessories and more…

Why restrict yourself to scrunchies and scarves when you can accessorize with silk? To summon your inner Blair Waldorf, choose silk headbands. Instead of using hot tongs to curl your hair, invest in a heatless silk hair curling ribbon for bouncy curls. Alternatively, wigs are the new game changers since the Kardashians started wearing them, but getting your hands on the appropriate sort of wig might be difficult. Silk-laced wigs are an enhanced choice you might want to consider. They will shield your hair while sitting perfectly.


I’m not sure about you, but this has definitely convinced me to give silk fabric a shot and include it in my haircare routine.

Blog by : Priya Grover

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