5 Ways to Hide Your Bra Straps for a Stylish Outfit

Ways to Hide Your Bra Straps for a Stylish Outfit
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Hide Your Bra Straps: A bra is a necessity that every girl out there needs. Starting from the teenage years moving forward, every lady out there will require a bra for her day-to-day activities. However, bras and their stripes could prove to be annoying especially when you are wearing that cute top but your bra straps keep on peaking, ruining your entire outfit.

Ways to Hide Your Bra Straps for a Stylish Outfit

Ladies will tell you that bra straps are among the most annoying parts of wearing bras. Having spoken to quite a number of them, I have safely established that it is one of the commonly asked bothering questions that deserve some audience through this very exclusive article. Are you wearing a cute outfit but the bra straps keep annoying you all along? I will review some of the cute ways you could use to hide the straps:

1. Use of a paper clip to Hide Your Bra Straps

If you don’t want your bra straps to be showing from their sides, you can decide to use a paperclip to hold your straps together from the back. By just using this simple hack, your bra straps will stay invisible and give you a cute look.

2. Use of bra strap holders or bra clips:

These ones work in a similar way to the above paper clip. After buying a bra strap holder, you will just need to attach them to the back side of your straps and adjust them in accordance with your desired needs. They are more supportive than paper clips.

get ride of bra straps

3. Use clear straps to hide your bra straps:

You will find out that most of the bras in the market have a colored strap which is very visible from the outfit. However, one of the perfect ways for ladies who want to hide their straps without feeling uncomfortable is to grab a bra with clear straps. This will give you much-needed support without the need to worry about bra straps.

transparent bra

getting rid of bra straps

4. Use of a converter to avoid bra straps:

This is a perfect and great investment for ladies who wanna wear dresses with a low back. This converter will pull down the back strap of your bra and fasten it. This is a sure way to ensure that your bra is not visible in a dress with a low back.

5. Use of bra cups to Hide Your Bra Straps

This means that you are going to destroy an already existing bra and sew the caps into the dress you desire to wear.


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