5 Ways on How to Wear Stripes this 2022

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There is something special about stripes that we want to wear fashion items with stripes again and again. This is not called a wardrobe mainstay for anything. It is always on-trend and will never leave the fashion scene as it can adapt to every change of season. Below are some fresh ideas on wearing stripes this 2022.


While we are used to the typical black and white, monochromatic stripes, you can infuse colors into your overall outfit. You can try subtle hues or pastels, or bright and vivid colors however you fancy. For me, this is a quirky and fun way to don the stripes trend.


Size and Direction

While it has been customary to wear thin, vertical stripes to make you appear thinner and longer, thicker ones are dominating the scene. You can decide to go on horizontal but irregular ones are taking over so as not to look boring. This is a quick update on the usual stripes that we often see.



They say finding the right balance will not make your appearance look too busy. To achieve this, you can partner stripes with a solid piece. However, times are changing and you can now wear stripes from head to toe as long as it gives an interesting vibe to the eye.



Play around with soft or hard fabrics and materials. By considering the time and occasion, stripes can take you from day to night. Usually, hard fabrics like denim are good for informal and more casual occasions while flowy and satin materials can be seen in more formal and proper events.


Mix and Match

One way to amplify and level up your stripes game is to layer it with some outerwear like a jacket, a cardigan, or a trench coat. A different take is to wear an outfit in another print or pattern (take florals/botanicals, polka dots, or geometrics for example). This will definitely take you from ordinary to extraordinary.


Who else loves the stripes trend? True enough, the stripe is a good piece to get and invest in as it is timeless and trend-proof so to speak. There is no scarcity in going for a look and an overall ensemble that is fashionable without hurting and breaking the bank.

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