5 Ways An Alexandrite Ring Will Change Your Life

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Do you want your jewelry pieces to perfectly express your vibrant personality? Well, everybody hopes for that. And what better way to do that than with beautiful and colorful gemstones? Alexandrite is among the rarest gemstones, belonging to the Chrysoberyl mineral family, and is well-known for its ability to change color. Many people also refer to it as “Emerald by day, Ruby by night” owing to its unusual color-changing ability.

Similar to a cat’s eye, which changes in color under different lighting, this gemstone, too, can shift from a bluish-green hue in daylight to purplish-red in incandescent light.

Alexandrite stones

Alexandrite is highly prized for its innate beauty. This gemstone has also earned the name the dream stone as it can assist a person in reaching and fulfilling their dreams. It also symbolizes love and encourages romance. That’s why Alexandrite wedding rings are a popular pick.

Having an alexandrite ring in your jewelry collection is a must-have, as it can change your life in many ways, more than you can imagine. However, before we dig into that topic, let us first understand the quality factors of this gemstone.


For a considerable time, alexandrite deposits in Russia’s Ural area were the sole source of massive and high-quality alexandrites. Russia, as the world’s initial supplier of excellent and high-quality alexandrite, delivered highly prized alexandrites gemstones to the market.

Alexandrite stone

Now, you can also find sources of alexandrite in India, Tanzania, Madagascar, and Brazil, did you know? The alexandrite gemstones from India and Brazil are popular and next to the ones from Russia and are more affordable.


Are you familiar with the color-changing effect of alexandrite? This gemstone is famous for that as it has blue-green tones (like emerald) under the daylight and red-purple hues (like ruby) under candescent light (hence, the nighttime reference). You, too, can make your partner blush like a red rose by giving her a beautiful Alexandrite wedding ring under a starry sky.


The factor that impacts the value and quality of alexandrite gemstone is the degree of its color-changing phenomenon. An alexandrite stone becomes expensive as its brilliance and color uniformity increase. You might also find that the Sri Lankan alexandrite has inferior color uniformity in comparison to the Russian one.


Mixed cuts are popular in alexandrite, and step-cut pavilions and brilliant-cut crowns are two of the common shapes. However, giving this gemstone an ideal cut to reveal the maximum color-change effect can be tricky for gem cutters.

Alexandrite stones 2


Alexandrite shows apparent inclusions and imperfections as it is a clear gemstone with Type II clarity. Fingerprints, rutile, and hollow tubes are some of the flaws. Their clear visibility can have an adverse impact on the quality of the gemstone. Faceted alexandrite stones having excellent transparency with little to no inclusions are not easy to find. Hence, they are more expensive than the others.

Carat Weight

It is incredibly difficult and expensive to get a top-quality alexandrite that weighs more than one carat. Small and light-weighted alexandrite gemstones are preferable to people.

Now that you know what alexandrite gem is like and what to expect, let’s move on to how it can change things for you!

Strengthens relationships

Alexandrite is said to have healing and positive qualities, which in turn helps the wearer enhance the different relationships in their life. Moreover, it might offer you stability and resilience when coping with challenging times or people.


This gemstone serves as a great source for fostering peaceful relations, whether for love, friendship, or professional life.

Serves as a guardian stone

Intensifying your aura and serving as a guardian gemstone, alexandrite can help you harmonize your thoughts, soul, and mind. Moreover, it helps overcome any worries and second thoughts you might have and establishes a connection with divinity.


Wearing alexandrite jewelry shields you from negative thoughts and bad vibes. It helps the wearer engage with divine energies that benefit them in their individual growth and for spiritual purification.

Heightens focus

Another way an alexandrite gemstone can turn your life around is due to its believed ability to improve your focus. There are times when all of us require some assistance to retain our attention on the matter at hand. Consider wearing or getting an Alexandrite wedding ring or pendant to help improve your attention and clear your head.

Alexandrite Ring

Promotes self-belief

Alexandrite is a magnificent and appealing gemstone that is known for its quality to help raise the confidence of the wearer. Since life is all about ups and downs, we never know when we will be in desperate need of a confidence boost. Whenever you feel unsure about yourself or your capabilities, this gemstone might help you overcome those difficult days.

It will serve as a reminder of how far you have come in life and how exceptional and strong you are to carry on.

Calls for creativity

Your skills are pointless and of no use, regardless of your creative mind, if you don’t know how to channel them appropriately. Sharpen your creative skills, broaden your viewpoints, and manifest prosperity with the help of alexandrite gemstone.

The greatest obstacle to serenity and pure delight is negative thoughts. Finding balance and happiness becomes challenging if negativity permeates your thinking. Positive energies can take the place of negative ones with the help of a potent gemstone like alexandrite.

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