5 Ways to Style an Oversized Graphic T shirt

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Styling an oversized graphic t shirt is really fun and interesting. They are so many ways to style oversized graphic t’s and still look unique and fashionable. Today we are going to look at ways to style an oversized graphic t shirt. If you were searching around for those tips for wearing oversized t’s, then just know that this content is for you and it will help you to wear yours with confidence when going out.

Oversized Graphic T shirt
White oversized graphic t-shirt looks amazing with pink sports shoes. Photo credit: Google 

A graphic oversized t shirt is the best outfit to style when being home or when going out. On all sides, they do flow. There are so many ways to style them, but it will only determine how you like to style them. One may style them by just featuring tight, fishnet, biker shorts, denim shorts, and other outfits. And also there is so much footwear to team with like boots, heels, crocks, and shoes. But for me, I like it when it goes with boots whether high thighs or ankle boots all they do is take a good look. 

Oversized Graphic T shirt white
Style white oversized graphic t shirt with white socks and white shoes. Photo credit: Google 

The following are 5 ways to style graphic oversized t shirts.

1. Black yellow graphic oversized graphic t shirt, black fishnet, and yellow crocks

Oversized Graphic T shirt black
Black yellow graphic oversized T-shirt with yellow crocks looks fashionable. Photo credit: Google 

This is the simplest way to style your graphic oversized T-shirt. This style will look simple but it is a stylish style as yellow crocks is will match with a yellow graphic over a black oversized T-shirt. And fishnet will be a good bonus to the look. Adding some accessories, it will be great.

2. Dye oversized graphic T-shirt, cream white biker shorts, and white sports shoes

Oversized Graphic T shirt tie dye
Dye graphic oversized t-shirt with cream white biker shorts make a great combination. Photo credit: Google 

Another top way to style your oversized graphic t-shirt over cream white biker shorts. By completing this look with white sports shoes, you will be ready to go out looking sexy.

3. White graphic oversized t-shirt and white ankle strap boots

White oversized graphic t-shirt with white strap ankle boots do match perfectly. Photo credit: Google 

A perfect way to style an oversized white graphic t-shirt pretty. Accompanying white strap ankle boots will make it look fashionable and stylish. Teaming accessories to this look is the best idea especially if you go with silver jewelry, white earrings, golden ring.

4. Red oversized graphic t shirt, black fishnet, red short socks, and white shoes

A red oversized graphic t-shirt with red socks and white shoes makes a great combination together. Photo credit: Google 

A true way to conquer the summer season is by looking so fashionable! Pairing a red oversized t-shirt with red short socks and white shoes will make it look cute and attractive.


5. Black oversized graphic t-shirt and white strap sandals

A black oversized black graphic t-shirt with strap heels gives the best look. Photo credit: Google 

Black oversized graphic t-shirt will look more amazing if it is being teamed with accessories and also it will look pretty with white strap sandals.


From the above, we can see that styling with an oversized graphic T-shirt is fun, it goes with different categories of footwear, can be worn in different occasions, and look naturally attractive to the eyes too! Share in the comment on how you like to style with your oversized graphic tshirt.

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