5 Types of Footwear for Women

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A pair of good shoes can change your life. There are so many women’s shoe styles, from casual to fancy, trendy to classic, low to tall. Each shoe type serves a different purpose. However, many types are shoes that go with everything and can be suited for various outfits and occasions.  When it comes to footwear for women, there are a variety of options that women can choose from.

It depends on your comfort level. Some people love wearing heels to work and can sustain an entire day of standing in them. Others are better off wearing brogues, loafers, or flat sandals to work. Choose the style according to your outfit. From flats to heels, there’s a shoe for every occasion! Whether you’re shopping for your everyday footwear or something special for a special occasion, this guide will help you find the perfect pair.

1. Skechers footwear for women

Skechers may be good for your feet because they are designed to absorb the shock of running and walking while also reducing pain and fatigue. Skechers have a flexible sole that moves and bends with your feet while you are walking and offers gentle support while standing still.

Skechers was initially designed to be a super-comfortable shoe option and many designs still feature engineered soles to keep feet comfy. This wasn’t the only selling point though, as these shoes became increasingly successful due to their funky and alternative styles. As far as comfortable, supportive, and washable, the Skechers arch support shoes are the best.

2. Wedges footwear for women

Unlike flat sandals, wedges offer more evenly distributed pressure throughout the foot. They also provide better arch support, which will help you avoid knee, hip, and back problems. Wedges offer more support and stability than skinny heels, making them significantly easier to walk or stand around, in. Their sturdier bottoms ensure you won’t stumble in a sidewalk crack on the way to work or sink into the grass, which is why they’re the favored shoe for outdoor weddings and events.

Wedges are slightly better for low back pain when compared to heels because they have a greater base of support and are generally not as high of a lift. The issue with heels is that they have a very narrow base of support and are high up which shifts a woman’s center of mass forward.

3. Stilettos

footwear for women heels

Stiletto heels are similar. They are thin and start larger at the top(where the heel is attached to the shoe) and thin out towards the base (where the heel touches the ground). However, present-day stilettos can vary in shape, as long as they meet the size and height criteria. Wearing high heels makes women look more long-legged and gives them a sexier posture. 


The term comfortable heels may sound like an urban fashion legend, but trust us: They do exist. From platforms to block heels to classic pumps, there are plenty of footwear options that give you some height without sacrificing comfort or style (these aren’t your grandma’s orthopedic heels).

4. Loafer

footwear for women loafers

Loafers can be defined as a type of slip-on shoe with no laces, typically made of leather or suede materials. The good thing about loafers is the versatility; they are just sophisticated enough to pass off as a part of formal wear and casual enough to look great with casual outfits.

Style your classic loafers with fitted ankle pants, with or without cuffs. Black, khaki, or even white pants will work too. For skirts and dresses, pair your loafers with a classic pencil skirt or a belted knee-length dress. This is a staple office look and can be mixed with your favorite top and go-to office bag.

5. Sneakers

footwear for women fila

Sneakers refer to the sporty type of shoes for women. They suit outdoor activities such as trekking, running, sports activities, and all-day errands. While sneakers for women have come a long way, they are available in awesome colors and patterns. Choose your sneakers wisely because they are highly specialized and specific to the utility that they were manufactured for. Sneakers can be worn with track pants, shorts, and casual dresses.

Therefore, wearing trainers continually can lead to poor foot posture (spreading or flat feet) or to the feet becoming wider. This widening process is hard to reverse. So, trainers should be worn only in moderation, because healthy feet generally do not need such extreme cushioning. For 2022, it’s all about being bold with your sneakers. Neons, color blocking, heavyweight platforms — they’re all in attendance and just waiting to join your athletic-inspired collection.

Written by: Deepika Singh

Photo Credit: Google

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