5 Trendy Ripped Jeans For Girls Ideas

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Ripped jeans for girls are one fashion trend that never loses its mojo. The outfit manages to maintain a fancy feel. It’s simple yet classic.

Let’s take a look at a couple of ideas that I’ve been toying with on my little angel.

  1.  Double Ripped Jeans and Off-Shoulder Top.
Ripped jeans for girls 1
Photo Credit: Pinterest.

This is a favorable outfit for super warm summers. My favorite way to pair it is in an off-shoulder top. Don’t forget to match the top with a tasty headband and a pair of sandals.

2. Skinny Ripped Jeans and Sneakers.


Ripped jeans for girls 2
Photo Credit: Pinterest

How elegant is that! Style the skinny ripped jeans with a pair of sneakers. The matching bag and headband add a really cool touch to the outfit.

3. Ripped Bell-bottom Jeans.


Ripped jeans for girls 3
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Ripped bell-bottom jeans turn out to be graceful in any situation. A pair of sandals or doll shoes go perfectly with the outfit. Choose whatever top suits your little one, and add a delightful headband.

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4. Fishnet and Crop Top.

Ripped jeans for girls 6
Photo Credit: Pinterest

So cute! Throw in a pair of fishnets under the ripped jeans, add a crop top if you and your angel are okay with it. Don’t forget to throw in a cowboy hat if you’re a fan.

5. Ripped Jeans and Vest Top.

Ripped jeans for girls 7
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Not a fan of showing much skin? This is a dope choice for your little one. Style the jeans with a vest top and a giant belt and a pair of sneakers. A little handbag wouldn’t hurt!

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