5 Trendy Block Heels for Women

Block Heels for Women 001
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Nowadays, block heels have a great trend. Mostly, we have seen women who prefer block heels. Of course, everyone prefers comfort and style while walking. Hence, block heels have both and support well in walking and standing. Visually, block heels have wider heels with a lot of shapes and styles for every girl and woman.

Block Heels for Women

Moreover, they are in various heights, shapes, and colors all of which give stability and support when you wear them. Although, they give the elevation levels of your choices along with comfortability. However, unlike other heels block heels help to maintain balance for the woman of every weight and height. Doubtlessly, it is the best advantage of having block heels.

Progressively, I have 5 types of block heels to discuss with you:

Firstly, Chunky Block Heels Have the Most Elegant Looks.

Initially, if we talk about chunky block heels they are more elegant. Generally, chunky block heels look more beautiful in long heels. In reality, they add attractiveness to your outfit.

Block Heels for Women 001
Chunky Block Heels

Secondly, Tapered Block Heels have More Decent Looks.

At second, if a woman has a pair of tapered block heels she will feel gorgeous. Amazingly, tapered block heels look more decent and professional. More, they have wide heels and tapered towards the bottom.

Block Heels for Women 002
Tapered Block Heels

Thirdly, Stacked Heels have Stack-like Block Heel Looks.

At third, stacked block heels look like a stack of materials stacked on one another. Generally, stack block heels appear as a visual appearance of fashion as more distinct. Stacked block heels have more unique heels in a stacky way.

Block Heels for Women 003
Stacked Block Heels

Nextly, Sculptural Heels have the Most Stylish and Aesthetic Looks of Block Heels.

Fourthly, sculptural block heels are recognized for their most aesthetic and stylish looks in all heels. However, sculptural block heels have a unique visual representation. Also, they have recognizable cutouts and curves.

Block Heels for Women 004
Royal Look of Sculptural Block Heels


Lastly, Embellished Heels have Heels in Block Shape.

At last, if we talk about embellished block heels most brides have their preference for embellished block heels. Although, they look fancier when come in different decorations. Interestingly, embellished block heels have embellishments such as ribbons, stones, pearls, and studs around them.

Block Heels for Women 005
Embellished Block Heels

Shortly, block heels of every kind look more fashionably affordable due to having style and peace both in one. Mostly, many women and girls now have stitched to the blocks heels for long-day fashion representation of outfits. Especially, they have this transition due to avoid tiredness and foot aches.

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By Dr. Rabia Syeda

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