5 Trending Ruby Rings for Women in 2022

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Women just love ruby rings! They can’t stop themselves from falling in love with this lovely stone. The tempting red ruby is one of the sought-after gemstones and is very close to women’s hearts.

Of all other gemstones, for that matter, ruby is the most loved gemstone, and women love to adorn themselves with this lustrous stone. Ruby evokes sentiments & emotions in women and engenders romantic vibes. Now we all know the secret way to a woman’s heart.

Let’s see through some trending ruby rings for women in 2022 that will take their breath away.

1. Halo Ring

Halo Ruby Rings

They say every now and then, history repeats itself, and so is happening with the timeless halo ring. The trends are shifting to the vintage era, and women are turning towards period jewelry, which is why a halo ruby ring is the best pick for those who love to live the old vibes again.

So, if you’re looking for a pretty ruby ring for your woman, a versatile halo setting would do magic for you and make her go gaga.

2. Three-stone Ring


Three-stone Ruby Rings

Women nowadays love to wear jewelry that holds a story to tell. A three-stone ring is an ideal match if you want your ring to speak the story of your love and friendship on behalf of you.

Let me tell you, the combination of diamond with ruby adds brilliance to the ring and draws attention to the center stone. You can also experiment with other color gemstones such as sapphire and emerald to make the ring classy.


3. Toi et Moi Ruby Rings 


Toi et Moi Ruby Rings

Ever since Megan Fox got engaged, the craze for toi et moi engagement rings has escalated among women all around the world. The toi et moi ring has a very special meaning; the two stones in the ring symbolize ‘You and Me’, which is pretty romantic, isn’t it?

If you’re planning to propose to your woman, then make her go head over heels with the amazing two-stone toi et moi ruby engagement ring.

4. Cathedral Ruby Rings

Cathedral settings are royal! The two elegant arches holding the center stone like a crown just look captivating. Women have a soft corner for royal things, which is why cathedral rings are in trend nowadays.

Ruby on the top of the ring held by two spectacular arches will boast a regal appearance, and her heart might skip a beat when you propose to her with this gorgeous ring.

5. Cocktail Ruby Rings

Cocktail rings might be from old times, but now they are back in trend again. The jewelry trend is inclining towards the 1900s style. And now cocktail rings have become the prime choice for women who want to swank their bold personalities.

One of the best things about a cocktail ring is that the center stone enjoys all the attention. So, if you’re planning to gift something bold to your significant other, then a ruby cocktail ring will match her courageous personality.

Excited? Now it’s time to add these trendy ruby rings to your jewelry collection that will make you look stylish at any event. Well, if you don’t have any idea about where to buy genuine ruby rings, then visit GemsNY dazzling collection of ruby rings.

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