5 Top Watches For Children 2023 Edition

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Young children can learn how to tell time by using these watches for children. They can wear a wide variety of accessories on their wrists, and they probably won’t mind. While some children’s watches have additional functions like alarm settings, backlights, and more, others are made to help children grasp time in an analogue or digital format. Children’s smartwatches with GPS capabilities, cameras, and panic buttons have also been produced by a number of companies.

How Can We Pick the Top Smartwatches for Kids?

Smartwatches are fashionable and great for kids as well. This is the finest smartwatch for kids if you’ve been looking for one. You may get high-quality smartwatches in India for between Rs 2,100 and Rs 29,999, or even more. Here are some fundamental criteria that we took into account when selecting the best smartwatches.


The timepieces on our list feature excellent bands that keep your kids at ease. Straps made of silicone, steel, and leather are the least heavy, most breathable, and most comfortable to wear.

Essential Purposes

Smartwatches have a tonne of features that improve our lives. High-quality activity trackers, BP and SpO2 monitors, simple connectivity, parental controls, emergency buttons, GPS trackers, and long battery life are all features of these watches.

1. Apple Watches For Children

Watches For Children Apple

One of the biggest technology businesses in the world, and for good reason, is Apple. When Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne founded the company in 1976, the brand was born. Many people throughout the world rely on it to produce some of the most recognisable PCs, laptops, smartphones, and electronic devices.

2. Noise Watches

Watches For Children 8744

In today’s Indian smartwatch and wearables market, Noise is a relatively young company that is creating waves. Gaurav and Amit Khatri launched it in 2014. The brand gained momentum in 2018 and now faces off against some of the largest names in the market.


3. Boat Watches For Children

Watches For Children 45

One of India’s fastest-growing audio and wearable startups, Boat Lifestyle was founded in 2016 by Sameer Mehta and Aman Gupta. The business is situated in New Delhi and produces high-quality headphones, chargers, smartwatches, and earphones.

4. Realme

watches for children 2

Sky Li founded Realme, one of the biggest smartphone companies in the world, in 2018. Millions of people in India adore the premium phones, watches, earbuds, chargers, and cables that the company produces. The business has a sizable consumer base worldwide and its corporate headquarters in Shenzhen, China.

5. Titan Watches For Children

watches for children 1

Without a question, one of India’s most popular jewellery, watches, and eyewear companies is Titan. Its headquarters are in Bengaluru, and Xerxes Desai started it in 1984. The company has been a fan favourite for decades and produces timepieces of the highest calibre.




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