5 Top-selling Makeup Items

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Makeup items are the cause of glamour. They play a significant role in the economy of a country. Each year a large number of makeup items are sold. A large number of makeup industries are concerned about producing good quality makeup products. Here are a few of the top-selling makeup items.


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  Each year huge amount of makeup items is sold. Cosmetics products are the most demanding things in practical life. As it is obvious they enhance our skin. Here are some most sold makeup items.

#1 Laura Mercier Translucent is the #NO.1 Top-selling Item:

The first item which is most likely to sell is loose-setting powder. This is by Laura Mercier Translucent. It has 12 shades range. Moreover, it has a special absorption powder that helps to reduce oil on the face. In addition to that it has an affordable cost of US.$17.39 dollars.

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#2Fit Me Foundation is the #NO.2 Top-selling Items:

Handmade Polymer Clay Beads

This foundation has the best coverage on the skin. Moreover, it is 96% recommend foundation. It is best for all types of skin. It is worth US.$8.99 dollars which is quite affordable. You will be surprised to know that is available in 16 shades.


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#3MAC Lipsticks is the #NO.3 Top-selling Makeup Items:

It has a price of almost US.$ 19 dollars. It is too much smooth to apply. Moreover, it gives long-lasting adherence. This brand produces almost 1433 shades of their lipsticks. 

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#4Urban Decay Perversion Mascara is the #NO.4 Top-Selling Items:

This mascara is highly rated in the world. The best characteristic is that it doesn`t smudge all day. Even in the presence of rain. You can also sleep when it is on your face. It is creamy in texture and has a price of US.$28 dollars. 


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#5. Swiss Beauty Mini Baked Shimmer Blusher and Highlighter is the #NO.5 Top-selling Item:

It has dual functions. Firstly, it gives you the function of blush which you will definitely love. Secondly, it highlights your face with glamour. Its price is US.$12.74 dollars. It has four shades in it. Out of which two are for highlight and the rest of the two are for blusher.

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