Personal Take: 5 Tips To Deal With Dark Circle

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A dark circle is one of every girl’s problems when it comes to beauty and I can relate to each one of you who is trying to find the perfect product to resolve the dark circles under your eye problem. So here is a personal take on how to deal with a dark circles.



Tip #1 💡: Skin Care

Tip number 1 is not unusual for any of us since this is the routine that girls never forget even on a busy and tiring day. To help lessen your dark circles don’t forget to wash your face at night before going to bed and apply moisturizer or whatever product you are using under the eye. If you think that the product you are using is not helping to lessen the dark circle, then it only means that you should stop using it.

Tip #2 💡: Home Remedy

If you don’t trust products for dark circles, you can try a home remedy solution.

Aloe vera Moisturizer

– Use aloe vera as a moisturizer under your eye and gently massage it using your fingertip or with a help of a jade roller. You can also do it all over your face for a glowy look.

Vaseline Product

Vaseline moisturizer is an alternative product for aloe vera. Apply it under your eye and gently massage it. But here’s a thing ladies! DO NOT apply Vaseline moisturizer if you live in a hot and humid country because it will affect badly on your skin.


Using cucumber is a good tip for dealing with dark circles under the eye as well but it’s not an overnight solution. The good thing is cucumber will help you to relax your eye from all the radiation. If you don’t have cucumber at home, you can use a green tea bag as well.



Tip #3 💡: Sleep!

One of the reasons why we have a dark circles under the eye is because we are lack sleep ( I’m not sure but I read somewhere that oversleeping can cause a dark circles as well, correct me if I’m wrong ✌😉). One thing is for sure, lack of sleep can cause dark circles so make sure to catch up on extra sleep whenever you can. Sleeping is important not just to avoid dark circles but sleeping will help us to go on with our day without buffering.

Tip #4 💡: Water

Aside from sleeping drinking more than 8 glasses of water is important as well. Water has a lot of benefits that help our body to move and function well.


Tip #5 💡: Makeup

An easy and no sweat solution is makeup. Use a concealer to hide dark circles and you are ready to go!

By Belle

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