5 Tips on Shopping For Cheap Sustainable Fashion

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Hello Fashionistas of natural and synthetic and welcome to another exciting article by yours truly. One of the major things I have noticed about the fashion industry mainly through movies and E! is that they are one of the most wasteful industries in the world, which is why I have come to introduce to you sustainable fashion.

What do I mean by sustainable fashion?

This refers to the environmental impacts, that the making (raw material creation, processing, and manufacture), wearing and caring for, and the disposal of clothing, have on fashion attires in the industry.

Simply put; it is the use of eco-friendly materials, either fabric or jewelry, to create and care for, outfits and jewelry.

Yeah, guys, I also thought, who has got the time to look for sustainable materials for the creation of my clothes? For one I am grateful that I am just a writer, and author and not a Fashion designer (lol). However, this doesn’t mean I won’t go to the boutique or store to shop for my clothes, and let me guess, neither will you.

So, I was thinking, why not share 5 tips on how to shop for sustainable fashion outfits that would help you make your contribution to our beautiful mother Earth and also be extremely cost-effective?

Here are 5 cheap Sustainable Fashion ideas…

  •  Buy thrift clothes.

I know, I know, you have the money to buy the entire boutique of new and expensive clothes but hold on a second. Look at your closet. how many of those clothes do you wear per week or even per month? Maybe once or twice right?

You do not have to the store every single week to renew your closet, guys because let me just tell you, it’s your purse that’s coughing.  Yeah, I also know you make good money to spend how you see fit, but isn’t saving also a part of a wealthy man’s culture?

All I’m saying is that you can buy clothes that last longer and still look like it’s the first time you’re wearing them and what other way to do that than to buy thrift wear? Just the fact that the clothes are thrift alone gives you an idea of how lasting such an outfit would be. It is much better to buy that than to waste money and clothes.

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My good friend representing Omee-Feminine sells all the thrift clothes you can buy. She is my personal store (lol, I could choose whatever I want that suits me)(evil laugh) but don’t tell her that.

  •  Choose your fabric wisely:

Another thing to note when shopping for cheap sustainable outfits is to check the fabric used. Just because it is glaringly beautiful doesn’t mean it won’t disappoint you.

I remember the time I bought a beautiful black dress for my dinner party and because it was too big for me, I was advised to hold it just a bit and that was what I did.

I took the gown to my favorite fashion designer and she held the dress for me. It made me so happy but by the time I wore it, it started to lose and the designs started to fall. Wondering why I asked why this was happening and I was told that the fabric was damaged and cannot withstand holding. Devastation filled me and had to lose the fitting.

Fashionistas, the fabric is important and because you guys are my favorite readers, I have gotten a list of sustainable fabric materials that not just last long but give the needed comfort.

Cotton or Organic cotton

cotton fabric for sustainable fashionCotton fabric for sustainable fashion

Linen or organic Linen


Linen fabric for sustainable fashion

Recycled fabric

Recycled material for sustainable fashionRecycled fabric for sustainable fashion


Econyl fabric for sustainable fashionEconyl fabric for sustainable fashion


Pinatex fabric for sustainable fashion







  • Buy ONLY what you need and save money

sustainable fashion; buy less and save more

Sustainability is not always about fashion but when it is, it implies that you can buy fewer clothes, save more money and still wear those clothes for a long period before going shopping again.

Celebrities like Emma Watson have emphasized the advantages of sustainable fashion.

Having a brand of her own, she encourages us to pick out eco-friendly outfits that can be worn more than once whether to a red carpet event or house-warming party.


  •  Select your style:

Sustainable Fashion: Buy your style

Do you know that going to a store to physically buy your outfits helps you curb your rate of shopping excessively? Not only that, but it also helps you choose the fabric wisely and importantly, try it on to see if it is your style.


I do not like to order my outfits online, they just put there what will attract us and we end up being disappointed. When choosing clothes to buy from the rack, make sure to ONLY go for the ones that will suit your fashion style and reduce the rate of wastage.

I know some of you may not have the time to go cloth shopping, so, the next time you buy online, make sure to double-check the outfit before acknowledging the receipt of the clothes.


  •  Don’t make rash decisions:

Sustainable fashion: don't be too hasty

Decision-making is one of the most crucial elements that affect a human’s life. The same goes for fashion.

My sister bought a silky material and used it to make a dress for her graduation. She has never worn it again ever since.

I’m not saying it isn’t nice to have an expensive, magnificent fabric dress or outfit, it is very nice. We do have our cheat days, all I advise is; to calm down and think properly about the pros and cons of having such an outfit.

I do not always have the time to think about these things but when it comes to evening gowns, and party outfits, I like to be certain that I can wear them again.

Sure, I can always buy another one, but this is sustainable fashion, we need to learn to save both money and outfits and materials.

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It’s a wrap

So, guys if you have many outfits you’re not wearing again or don’t look too nice for you anymore, give them out. Not many people have the luxury of buying any clothes, so, your sacrifice would put a smile on someone’s face.

Make sure to take note of all these tips as they are cheap and easy right? Lol, yeah, so that brings us to a wrap for today. I hope to see you guys next time (wow, maybe I should go to broadcasting school and kick this up, right?)

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Later Fashionistas…

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