5 Tips on How to Crossdress to Look Feminine

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Crossdress outfits are the new talk of the time. Actors and movie directors can relate much to crossdressing as it is very useful in the entertainment industry. Crossdressing means you wear clothes and outfits of the opposite gender to yours. Whenever there is a shortage of actors, the movie director may ask one of the makes to crossdress and act like a female and vice versa.

Crossdressing is an art that has been picked up by many people who are now doing it as a way of earning their income or as a lifestyle. Here are some of the tips I have for men who want to look like a female:

1. Always have a feminine look in your mind:

Dressing like a girl or lady begins right in your mind. You must be able to organize your body and brain to imitate a lady.

2. Fix Your breasts using a bra and fillings:

The quickest way to have that feminine look is to have a bra that fits your chest perfectly. Having a bra and adding some fittings on it will ensure that you have a perfect chest, one that looks feminine. In fact, it will give you a bust and a perfect curvaceous shape.

sexy crossdressers

3. Be a lover of bikinis:

Most of the crossdressers have won points at the beach. The easiest way to imitate the females is by wearing a bikini to an ocean, beach, or swimming pool. You might be asking about your chest, don’t worry, a good number of ladies out here have small boobs and you will not be an exception.

4. Great makeup is the sure way to look Feminine:

A clear distinction appears between males and females as a result of excessive use of make-up. If makeup were eliminated, it would be difficult to distinguish between male and female hence you must apply some foundation and makeup. Caution should be taken as not to over it. Additionally, make sure you put on a suggestive cologne to grace your day.

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5. Develop the female personality and posture:

The greatest part of imitating the female side lies in the posture. Remember that posture is a key issue in fashion. It involves how you sit, how you walk, and above all how you stand. I do emphasize: DO CROSS YOUR LEGS AT ALL TIMES.  Showing off your inner panties is not a feminine nature. Sitting anyhow will make much notice that you are not a lady. All the best.



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