5 Tips For Carrying Your Wool Jackets Without Ruining Them

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Wool jackets are stylish and warm, and they look great with just about anything you wear. However, they’re not exactly easy to wear!

1) Use a garment bag


A garment bag is the best way to carry a wool jacket without ruining it. This is especially true if you want to store the jacket for an extended period. The bag will protect the fabric and keep it from being crushed in your suitcase or car. Plus, a garment bag will allow you to store more than one jacket at once and can be used again when you need to take your jackets out again.

2) Hang your jacket in the garment bag

Hanging your jacket in the garment bag is the easiest way to store it. You can simply put it on a hanger and hang it in the bag. The best part about this method is that you don’t have to fold it as neatly as you would if you stored it in a suitcase. This helps prevent wrinkles, which can show up later when you wear your jacket.

3) Use a hanger that won’t damage the fabric

To keep your wool jacket looking its best, there are a few things you can do when storing or hanging it up. First, make sure to use a hanger that won’t damage the fabric. Second, don’t store it in an area with too much humidity (like a closet). And third, when possible, hang the jacket up rather than fold it – this will keep more air circulating through the garment and help prevent any creases from forming.

4) Use a lint brush before you pack

Every few months, take your jacket to a dry cleaner and have them remove the lint. If you don’t have access to a dry cleaner, use a lint brush on the wool before packing it up. The brush will remove any surface lint and prevent the fuzz from collecting in your bag or closet.

5) Take it to the dry cleaner before you travel

1. It’s best to take your wool jacket to the dry cleaner before you travel so that it can be cleaned and dried. This will make sure you have a fresh, clean jacket to wear when you arrive at your destination.

2. If you know that you won’t have time to get your wool jacket cleaned before leaving on a trip, bring it with you in its dry cleaning bag and ask them to do it while they’re cleaning other items of clothing that might be dirty as well.

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