5 Suit Color Combinations for Men to Attend a Day or Night Wedding

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There is no denying the fact that all of us have received a wedding invitation and attended at least more than one wedding at some point in our lives, either of a friend or someone in the family. But the hard struggle of deciding what to wear at a wedding is very real for some people more than others. What color combinations will suit you best? It is only a matter of a tiniest fraction of a second when you feel the vibe of a dress and you be like, “That’s it!”, “This is the one, perfect for a wedding!”. But, to get there it always seems as if it’s taking forever. 

To make this struggle of yours less cumbersome and quick, we have brought 5 perfect and elegant dress color combinations for men, that you can put on to attend your next wedding as a guest.

However, before we start, you must keep in mind that, just like we dress differently for an outing in the daytime and nighttime, we choose different color combinations. In the same way, attending a day wedding requires different color schemes than a night wedding.

Both will be covered in this article.

  • Day Wedding

There is Daylight so there should be light colors, you don’t wanna witness someone’s crappy reaction to your dress and embarrass yourself because you’re wearing a shocking, shiny, shimmery, dark color that no one likes the sight of especially in broad daylight.

Suit Color Combinations 1. Beige Suit with Green Shirt & Teal Tie

Beige is a color that usually doesn’t attract much excitement and enthusiasm among the masses, especially for a daytime wedding or function. But, don’t let your feelings go on a roller coaster of boredom and despair when you hear about beige.

Suit Color Combinations 1. Beige Suit with Green Shirt & Teal Tie

Credits: Reddit

In fact, you should look at the bright side and get hyped up to run out and purchase a beige suit. Beige is a versatile and unique color choice for a wedding suit that can level up your suit game. Better than others!


Although, it is a rule of fashion that “darker suits are more formal. So the lighter you get, the less formal it is”. But, for the sake of fashion let’s break the rules. It is a color combination that compliments not just the daylight but makes you special and unique from far away. Light and bright style with an aesthetic elegance to make you look different from others.

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Suit Color Combinations 2. Sky Blue Suit with White Shirt & Peach Tie

Proven to be the right choice for a wedding and worn by many, a Sky Blue Suit over a White dress shirt amps up your fashion and gathers everyone’s attention without any doubt. Sky blue has a soothing effect on your eyes just like the sky above you. 

Suit Color Combinations 2. Sky Blue Suit with White Shirt & Peach Tie

Credits: Pinterest

Similar to the beige combination, this suit color palette is also not that common and not worn too often by anyone. So it is highly probable that you might be the only one wearing sky blue that will bring something new to the wedding.

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Suit Color Combinations 3. Lavender Suit with White Shirt


Lavender is not just a fragrant, beautiful flower, it is more than that. The color is enough to make you look stylish and attractive in the eyes of others. Soothing for the eyes, and easy to blend with the surroundings. Lavender Suit with a white shirt. This combination will never disappoint or embarrass you.

Suit Color Combinations 3. Lavender Suit with White Shirt

Credits: Italsuit.com

Instead, it will make you the talk of the town. The rest is obviously up to you, the way you carry the charisma of lavender as well as your own, and make a beautiful mixture of aesthetics. Merge the style, fashion, and elegance you need for attending a wedding, because this combination has it all.

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Suit Color Combinations 4. Charcoal Grey Suit With Purple Shirt & Tie

As black color is suited for both men and women. As far as Charcoal Grey is concerned or as most people like to call it dark grey which actually it isn’t. Charcoal grey is close to black but not exactly black.

Suit Color Combinations 4. Charcoal Grey Suit With Purple Shirt & Tie

Credits: Pinterest


Charcoal grey is more suited to integrate and complement masculine energy inside you, unlike black. Pairing it with a purple shirt inside is almost as good as fire is to wood.

This dominant color combo will enable you to have a fair amount of confidence and energy for the wedding.

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Suit Color Combinations 5. Light Green Suit with White Shirt

As unusual as green sounds for a wedding, it literally isn’t. It is just a feeling that we all have, about a new color not looking at us as good as other combinations, but it’s not the truth. It is only a matter of finding the correct shade of green that is made for you or in other words, for which you are made.

Suit Color Combinations 5. Light Green Suit with White Shirt

Credits: Etsy.com

In fact, it is a common perspective that “everything does not suit everyone, so everyone should not wear just about everything”.

Summer Dresses

But no worries! We have brought you a color palette of green that suits almost everyone who dons it. The light green with a white shirt.

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  • Night Wedding

It’s a night wedding so it shall and it must look like it. That’s what dark colors do. Your surrounding atmosphere determines and tells a great deal about your dress color combinations or vice versa.

1. Navy Blue Suit with Baby Pink Shirt & Tie:

Believe it or not, Navy blue is the color of the elites, by elite I mean the people of next level rich and class. But you can do it too, you can be a part of the real fashion and trendy class. You just have to buy a Navy blue suit, two pieces or three pieces and a baby pink shirt. Combining a baby pink tie will make it a blast, but other colors like navy blue, grey, and black ties are also great.

Navy Blue Suit with Baby Pink Shirt & Tie

Credits: ReadySleek.com

Again, it is always your choice to wear what looks good on you. Because every dress combination is not for everyone.


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2. Gray Suit with black Shirt & Tie:

If you’re worried about your first impression and already having nightmares of messing up your image. This great combo of gray suit and black shirt and tie is there to save you.

Gray Suit with black Shirt & Tie

Credits: Sartech.com

A timeless look and elegance from within. Pairing a grey suit with a black shirt and black tie might be just the combo you need. You don’t wanna miss this match that is surely made for you.

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3. Ash Brown Suit with White Shirt & Brown Tie:

Summer Dresses

If you want to wear something new and fresh, an ash brown suit with a white shirt is definitely for you. As there are very few shirts that go perfectly well with brown. But hang on, what are we here for? To solve all your worries!

Ash Brown Suit with White Shirt & Brown Tie

Credits: eduaspirant.com

You can simply take the white shirt and close your eyes. Because you can always trust the white. The darker color outside compliments the lighter inside. So while inside ash brown is suited for everyone. After all, contrast creates focus. To be a social butterfly you need to attract everyone’s focus and attention.

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4. Black Suit with Maroon Shirt & Maroon/Black Tie:

For the Men in Black. The mother of all colors and the father of all suits. Black is a classic, timeless, trendy, and fashionable color that no one can deny.

Black Suit with Maroon Shirt & Maroon/Black Tie

Credits: Pinterest

Summer Dresses

Almost every color can suit you inside black, that is the superpower and charisma of black. But we recommended a Maroon shirt with a black tie as it keeps a balance between the darkest and the lightest by adding a flavor to the black as Alfred adds humor to the dark knight.

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5. Dark Green Suit with White Shirt & Black Tie:

As mentioned above and rightfully so. It is always a matter of seconds, to find the right color for yourself that matches your vibe. Every color can suit you if it matches your vibe or you match its vibe.

Dark Green Suit with White Shirt & Black Tie

Credits: Lookastic.com

So, we recommended dark green but with a white shirt because white compliments black. The same goes for other darker colors or darker shades of every color, white is always there for it. It can almost be a saying that “if nothing suits you, white will”. 

A dark green suit with a white shirt is a polished combination that can make you shine at any wedding. 

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Thank You for Reading!

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