5 Spring Lunch Date OOTD

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How fast time flies! It’s like yesterday when we choose our winter outfits and pick up the best furry coat that we could ramp the street and now! It’s spring and we are all crazy about what to wear on Spring Lunch Date! But don’t you worry, I got you! Since it’s spring and all the flowers and plants grows again let’s try clean, fresh, and neutral colors! Here are the 5 spring lunch ootd you might want to try on.

Skirt On Sweater


Spring is a cool season and I bet you would agree with this cool Spring Lunch Date OOTD. With a mix of beige and white color and the combo of skirt and sweater, it’s cooler and chic! A style like this, whether wearing heels or a high edge choice is not an issue because it will match for sure! Choosing a bag is not that hard as well because this style needs a small handbag or a clutch to match the whole outfit with an additional piece of jewelry.

Comfy Silk Long Sleeve 


How about this comfy silk long sleeve for a spring lunch date? I guess you will like it as much as I do with a pair of comfy and soft trousers pants. Heels are probably the most suitable for this look whenever you want a chic vibe but high-edge shoes are a nice choice for a comfy and relaxed look.

Trousers On Shirt


Trousers on Shirt is the comfiest outfit of all time! This is the outfit that I called the “chill out” outfit. You know that moment when you were so burned out from all the crazy workloads in the office and you need a change of air and maybe head out to the restaurant to eat with friends? Well, this is it! This is the outfit every busy bee (some) would wear! It might look simple but that heels of yours are the highlight of the outfit. Little accessories are a must as well for wearing this chill-out outfit.

Long Sleeve Shirts On Shorts


The long sleeve shirts on shorts are perfect for whenever you have a lazy day and need to meet a friend for a lunch. A flat loafer is perfect for this outfit. Chill and comfy! Any bag you have would probably match with style so better choose the right bag!

Blazer On Shorts


Feeling like a girl boss on a spring lunch date? This one is for you! With a pair of blazers on shorts looks great on a tank or crop top underneath. Heels or high-edge shoes look perfect for this style as well. I suggest a small handbag or a pouch for this one together with some pieces of jewelry.

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