5 School Girl Outfit Ideas

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Are you a student who wants to have a new style? This blog might help you with your School Outfit problem. School is a little bit stressful yet fun especially if you go with friends who have the same vibes as you. And the best way to bit the stress is to dress up! Here are the Top 5 School Girl Outfit Ideas you might want to add to your Outfit Idea Lists.

School Girl Look #1: Cool Nerdy Style

School Girl Look 1: Cool Nerdy Style

Cool Nerdy Style is the style that I think looks good on school girls who love to study and stay in the library. This is perfect for them with a combo of a long sleeve underneath the bra top or a crop top with denim jeans and boots. This style has a cool and strong vibe for women.

School Girl Look #2: Shy Type Style

School Girl Look 2: Shy Type Style

Are you a shy type kind of student? Loosen up a bit with this style. Loose trousers paired with a shirt and high-edge shoes will surely look good on you. For extra style, use a cardigan. You can put it as a cover on your shoulder or you can tie it on your waist. For this look, no need to use a big bag to give highlights to your look.

School Girl Look #3: Busy Bee Style

School Girl Look 3: Busy Bee Style

Are you a member of the Student Council? Or a student who has a lot of extracurricular activities? I bet you’ll like this kind of look. Chill and comfy for a Busy Bee like you! A high-cut shoe is perfect for denim jeans and a vest. It gives you a positive outlook and a fashionista style!

School Girl Look #4: Party-Ready Look

School Girl Look 4: Party-Ready Look

We all have that one friend who comes to school as if she were at a party. With this style, it can be a casual look for you. Wear something cropped underneath and use a cardigan to cover you up (you can remove it if you feel hot though), to match the whole look wear a mini skirt and a high-cut boot. This will surely rock you out on a boring day at school!

School Girl Look #5: Professor Kinda Look

School Girl Look 5: Professor Kinda Look

This kind of style is perfect for students who have a serious kind of personality. A blazer on jeans is never out of style and I’m sure you can bit your professor with this look. Make sure to wear heels to match the whole look.

What’s your favorite school girl look so far? Comment down below 😉


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