5 Sassy Ripped Jeans for Women

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Ripped jeans are a type of jeans that have been purposely damaged or ripped. The damage can be in the form of holes, fraying, or even fading. Ripped jeans are usually made to look like they’ve been worn for a long time. These ripped jeans work for all body shapes and for both casual and dressy occasions.

You’ve seen some girls in your town like to wear ripped jeans thinking they are poor not knowing that that is a form of fashion. It’s no secret that ripped jeans are the most popular jeans for women other than casual jeans because of their modesty and appearance. While in college, I used to see some girls wearing these ripped jeans looking so sleek and smart.

Ripped jeans can be worn with different types of shirts. You just have to choose a color. However, most girls do like to wear a white and black color with these jeans. When they are matched well they give you the highest quality of you in many ways.

If you have been looking to try these jeans but don’t know where to begin, don’t worry. I have listed some of the most suitable and sassy ripped jeans for women.

#1. Women’s Ripped Fit Jeans

Women's Ripped Fit Jeans

Girls who wish to look cool and different can go for women’s ripped jeans shredded from the thighs to below the knees. White shirts or short blouses look awesome with light blue torn jeans.

#2. Rolled Up Women’s Jeans with Ripped

Rolled Up Women's Jeans with Ripped

Ripped jeans can have a lot of impact on your look. A pair of jeans that have holes in different parts of them can be worn by women. Summers can look cool without ragging ripped jeans.

#3. Women’s Ripped Patch Jeans

Ripped and repaired jeans give them a very cool look as well. The patchwork looks as if the torn areas are covered with different colored jeans.

#4. Baggy Ripped Skinny Jeans for Girls

Baggy Ripped Skinny Jeans for Girls

In the collection of jeans for women, baggy jeans are more comfortable.  Baggy ripped jeans can make you fit comfortably and easily.

#5. Women’s Knee Ripped Black Jeans

Women's Knee Ripped Black Jeans

Black ripped jeans are designed for both men and women. There is less of a torn part and less of a ripped effect in knee-ripped jeans, which is often preferred by women. It is the choice of the wearer that suits them more.

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