Friends is my all-time favourite show, be it it’s cast, story or fashion styling. The cast of the show never disappoints in their fashion choices. My favourite from friends is Rachel and Monica’s style. So in this blog, we will see the reasons why whether you hate or love Monica’s style you cannot ignore it as it’s that good.

Reasons why we all love Monica’s style:

1. Sophisticated all the way


Monica’s style was equal parts of sophisticated and out there- professional when required and Uber- cool at other times. Her wardrobe full of cardigans, smart sweaters and summer blazers is proof.

2. Futuristic Fashionista

Didn’t we all fall in love with her cami top and slashed knee jeans OOTD at first sight? It could very well be a street style lookbook of 2021!

3. Classic Chic 24*7

Said it before, saying it again! A white shirt and a pair of jeans are timeless classics that will take you to brunch, to a cafe, to the movies and just about anywhere. Monica made sure of that.



4. Drop-Dead-Denim

Monica loved her jeans. If it weren’t for them she probably wouldn’t have sported denim on denim back in the day and we wouldn’t have OD’s on the trend all these years.


5. A solid case for solids

If you think about Monica’s best looks, there will be a slide show of her coloured outfits running through your mind. Perhaps her OCD for cleanliness found a way to reflect in her clothes too.



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