5 Reasons to wear accessories

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If it has the right accessories, any outfit  already has that something extra to make us stand out.

There are a few good reasons why we should wear accessories, as they are the ones that can completely transform our outfit, but can also ruin it if not chosen properly.

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How to match accessories

Choose them according to the rest of your outfit, your dress style, the location and time of your event. You can’t wear plastic bracelets to the office or pearls next to your trainers.

Don’t wear more than one type of accessory together.

Choose to focus on either the outfit or the accessories. If your outfit is extravagant, your accessories should be subtle and vice versa.

Concentrate them in a specific part of the body.

Match them also with the energy of the clothes.  A masculine outfit needs small or harsh accessories. A feminine one needs delicate jewelry.

Here are some ideas How to Wear Accessories Like a Pro | by Erin Elizabeth – YouTube

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When not to wear accessories

When we do sports, or are on hikes and nature walks. We can lose them and on top of that, they can get in the way.

When we have an outfit overloaded with prints, logos, messages or extravagant fabrics.

When cooking, cleaning the house or looking after babies or young children.



accessoriesReasons to wear accessories


You can get a different outfit every time, just by keeping the same clothes but changing the accessories.

Also, you can put your personal stamp on your outfit and make it stand out.

You can use natural stone accessories to help you heal certain ailments and have a positive mood.

Here is my other post regarding accessories https://fashonation.com/the-power-of-your-accessories/


We can use them to change our daily outfits. For example, we can wear a scarf over our hat in summer. If it’s getting cooler we can put it over our shoulders, and if we want to change our look a bit, we can turn it into a top.

They are the best option to create our center of interest.

And they can change the energy of our outfits a bit. If our clothes are too tough we can add some slightly softer accessories and we’ll have a bit of feminine energy and vice versa.


Special tip: Uses 3 main accessories. One big one to make the focus of attention, a medium one to lead the eye to the first, and a third to go unnoticed.



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