5 Quality Tips On How To Care For Your Sneakers (Kicks)…

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Hello Shoe-Fashionistas… It’s that time of the week when I sit in my room office (just my bedroom anyways, lol) and write another article that is sure to knock your socks off, or in this case, your shoes off. Yeah, I was thinking of what to write for my favorite readers until I remembered that I was also a shoe lover, and there are many people out there and in here, who love their shoes. I once read and confirmed for a fact that one of the major quality checks people give a person when they are all dressed up or not, is their shoes. You heard right guys, the shoes we pair on our outfits matter and give off what people could think about you.


(Laughs) I just remembered the time I went to an event where everyone was expected to wear their best outfits and then, I saw a guy who had on a black turtle neck top, black jeans fastened with a brown belt, topped it up with a nicely designed brown kimono. I remember saying he looked good until my friend pointed out his shoes, and ladies and gentlemen, I was disappointed because this guy actually went on to pair his amazing outfit with a black worn-out palm slipper. Now, I’m not downgrading anyone, I would never do that, It’s just that we might not care what people think of us and I agree but we should also try to make ourselves look good from head to toe, no matter what because the way you dress, is the way you will be addressed (am I right?)

Okay, so, without further ado, let’s take a look at five quality tips on how to take care of our kicks, so they don’t kick open (lol, get it, no? okay):

1) Try treating them well from the beginning;

Caring for your kicks is an important job. I mean who buys a sneaker today and starts washing it with soap and water every ten minutes? It takes willpower to treat your sneakers before taking them out for a spin, so, it’s better to prevent the stains from the very start. Try using a ‘Scotchguard spray’ as It helps to repel water and stains. Also, use a protectant spray for leather sneakers. Allow the spray to dry entirely (going about 24 hours) before wearing it out. Don’t let your fine sneakers fool you, if you don’t take care of them, they cannot take care of your need for quality shoes and quality looks.

2. Wash with Hands;

kicks 3

Washing your sneakers after an event that made them muddy and dirty is not something to take lightly. We must learn to wash our sneakers with our hands(in case you don’t have a machine) or with the washing machine. I know sometimes, we are just either too tired or lazy to do so, trust me, I’ve been there but it is better to wash the shoes while they are dirty than to let the dirt sit on them for a longer period. Kai, I trust Nigerians, if you wear a dirty sneakers to the exam hall, they will just be hailing you ‘my guy washed that exam eh’, Lol and that is not a good sign. If your sneakers had an unfortunate encounter with a murky puddle aka kpotokpoto, move your lazy self to a sink, and get a new toothbrush and a cleaning product like a gentle soap or shampoo that you have at home. Use the brush to gently remove any dirt and to work the soap into a light foam. Rinse with warm water and let your sneakers air dry. I do suggest and advise, you to wash your sneakers with your hands than a washing machine because while some shoes are machine washable, even they, have their specific steps that still ensure the use of hands and also because the spinning motion will damage the fibers and you’ll end up shortening the lifespan of your shoes, which is why it is advised to go for a no-spin machine wash for shoes.


3. Pay attention to your laces and Insoles;


Just because your sneakers are red doesn’t mean your lace should be dirty. Wash them neatly. You could replace the laces or clean the ones you have by soaking them in hot water with your choice of soap. Once you’re done, iron them before re-lacing the shoes so you get an extra polished touch. Make sure to use compatible colors. It is not advised to wash your sneakers with the laces on, as the curved edges would still be dirty, so make sure to remove the laces and wash them separately. As for the insoles, do not, I repeat, do not, wash your insoles while it is inside the sneakers as it could lead to odor change. Remove the insoles and wash neatly and allow to air dry.

4. Store them properly;

kicks 4

You know those warnings; keep away from children? Yeah, do that. When you’re not using them, keep them away from sunlight, which could cause discoloration. Try storing them in the original box or dust bags to keep them in great condition. Also try popping a couple of dryer sheets into the shoes when you store them so they keep smelling nice and fresh, that way your friends will not cover their noses around you.

5) Wear socks;

When it comes to keeping your sneakers smelling like you just brushed your teeth or put on spray then, wear socks. Go for a boldly patterned sock if you want to show yourself or choose ankle socks if you want to flash your ankles. Then go out of your house and rock those kicks. Socks do much more than prevent your shoes from rubbing and blisters from forming on your feet. They provide an ideal environment by aiding in temperature and moisture control.

These five tips would go a long way in protecting your sneakers and saving you money by giving you the quality of your money. It is not just enough to buy the most expensive shoes, it is more important to care for them. Who wants their feet or shoes to smell like the sewers? not me, so guys make sure to pay close attention to your kicks, so they can give you the extra kick of quality (Wink).

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