5 Popular Sales Careers in the Fashion Industry

Is the lack of creativity a barrier towards landing your dream fashion job? Well, there are several careers in the fashion industry that would suit your limited skills. The following sales-related jobs will reward you handsomely. They do not demand your artistic creativity and passion for design.


Public relations manager

Public relations specialists’ task is building and supporting the fashion industries’ public image. They also enhance favorable marketing processes. Generally, they conduct their work through different promotional opportunities, for instance, press releases.

Besides, public relations personnel collaborate with different individuals to raise the brand product’s consumer awareness. Including experts, marketing managers, influencers, fashion magazine editors, and models. Also, they engage in the planning of the fashion industries’ corporate events. For instance, performances and other events involving the public.

Average salary $54,863 per year


Sales associate

The primary duty of the sales associate is to assist clients in finding their desired products. They also restock items and complete transactions. Additionally, they ensure tidiness in retail stores, invite customers and notify them about recent deals about products.

Sales assistants enable customers to find items based on their particular size and style during the shopping process. Based on the buying experience, sales associates may offer more products to pair with the guest’s interests.

Average salary $12.27 per hour


Merchandisers work at corporate levels for apparel brands or in retail stores. They take part in ensuring the availability of the correct products at the stores. In the process, merchandisers that the right quantities of items are in the right stores.


Also, merchandisers collaborate with designers in the development of products that generate more sales. Also, they propose price adjustments in case of dwindling profit margins. They may also propose stylistic adjustments to maintain the brand’s profit.

Average salary $14.09 per hour

Retail buyer

Retail buyers work in department stores and retail. Their primary role is to pick and avail the merchandise assortment for the customers. Also, they maintain the relevance and competitiveness of their stores’ inventory. By examining the purchasing habits and estimating the target market, retail buyers devise practical inventory management strategies.

Average salary $58,203 per year

Inventory planner

Inventory planners forecast the demand for their product category among consumers. Also, they allocate and distribute items in different stores and warehouses. They keep track of inventory levels and provide product performance advice to their teams during the selling season.


Average salary $61,643 per year


Lack of creativity should not deter you from landing your dream job in the fashion industry. Unlike this industry’s design and development sectors, the above sales-related careers do not demand much creativity. But they are still rewarding and exciting, hence they can fulfill your career needs.

By Dennis Ogada

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