5 Most Popular Fashion Trends in the World this Year


Most Popular Fashion Trends are here for you. Having combined various fashion magazines spread across the world, I can attest to the fact that the fashion world is fast changing. Every day, we witness the entry or the exit of one fashion trend, bringing an almost equal balance between the new and old-fashioned trends. Nevertheless, we must agree to the fact that the fashion world is getting better with time. I have spent some time analyzing some of the most popular fashion trends in the world this year. Take a look:

1. Crochet Sets:

Crochets are fast becoming the song of the day, especially with the celebs during summer 2022. Various celebrities including Lucy Williams and Bettina Looney have shown us multiple times how to rock with crochet sets.

Fashion Trends pink


2. Hoodies Blazers:

Tailored hoodie blazers are fast making it to our list of the trending fashions this year. Various fashion houses such as Off white, Stussy Noah and Awake NY have embraced the new look. Wearing a blazer is not only a new trend but also a mainstream fashion in the current world.

Fashion Trends white tops

source: dhgate.com

3. Bomber Jacket Fashion Trends:

Personally, I can attest to this. Close to all my friends who have a great sense of fashion have got a green bomber jacket in their closet. It works perfectly for ladies with tight pants and Air Jordan shoes.

4. Casual Trench:

Trench coats are a fashion for not only the high and the might but also the commoners. This casual trench has been docked by celebrities such as Burberry, Sportmax as well as Brunello.


5. Boiler Suits:

These boiler suits are a replica of those used in industries, especially in boilers. The fashion trends have been depicted by top fashion companies such as Off White, Awake NY, and Palace as well as the famous Noah NYC.


Fashion Trends boiler suit


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By Alex Munene

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