5 Most expensive perfumes in the world:

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In this article, I will tell you about the most expensive perfumes in the world, what makes them so special, and also know the cost of each. If you have the means I would recommend you have at least a few of these on your dressing table.

While purchasing a decent perfume, you should really look at its fragrance as well as its cost. Allow us to let you know that there are many such fragrances in the market which are extravagant yet do you have any idea which are the most costly perfume in the world and what is their cost? So let me tell you about these perfumes today.

(1) Most Expensive Perfumes Clive Christian:


most expensive perfumes 2

let us tell you to know that this is worth 1.6 lakh rupees. The bottle of this perfume is an exceptionally unique appearance and looks extremely gorgeous. (The ‘Moon of Baroda’ jewel which had an exceptional relationship with Marilyn Monroe, where is this precious stone now?) The gem bottleneck of this perfume is plated in 24-karat gold goes. This perfume was presented in the year 2001.

2) Most Expensive Perfumes Clive Christian Imperial Majesty:

Clive Christian is viewed as perhaps the best Imperial Majesty. It was planned by Rosa Dove and is bundled in a Baccarat precious crystal bottle. Its cost is 9.8 lakh rupees. This bottle is enriched with 18-carat gold and 5-carat white diamonds.

3) Expensive Perfumes Baccarat Les Larmes:

This crystal bottle has not been made by the popular company Bakkarat Organization. Its cost is 5.2 lakhs. you know that this company was begun in 1764. Its pyramid shape bottle is made using crystal. It is the third generally costly in the world.. Many amethyst crystals are applied on its cover which further upgrades the magnificence of its perfume.

4) Expensive Perfumes Chanel Grand Extract:

This is the perfume of the most well-known brand in the perfume business, Chanel and this perfume is the most costly perfume in the world. Its cost is 3.8 lakhs. In the year 1921, this scent was made by the Chanel organization. This perfume is produced using pollen of fresh flowers. It is packaged in a beautiful vial.

5) Expensive Perfumes Shumukh Perfume:


most expensive perfumes

This fragrance is accessible in Dubai and its cost is around 10 crores the greatest number of precious stones are on the bottle of this perfume. It is planned by Asghar Adam Ali, Group Chairman of Nabeel Perfume Group. If somebody applies this Perfume Group, the fragrance of the Perfume Group stays on his garments for 30 days. let us tell you know that there is also a Guinness World Record for the sake of this Perfume.

So these were the most costly perfumes in the world. You should tell me your opinion about this article in the remark box.

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By Sheza Chatha

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