5 Maxi Dress Styles You Can Try This 2022

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A maxi dress is called as such because of its hemline that is ankle-length or floor length. And for me you can equate maxi as being exceptional and extraordinary. It is simply the best type of dress to wear when you want to look effortlessly fashionable. So let us trim down the maxi dress styles that you can select from depending on your mood and aesthetic shall we?

If you are all for a more relaxed or laid-back but chic style, an all-white ensemble gives off a minimalist feeling. But there is nothing short of simple and basic with this dress with a crochet trim. It definitely tops the list when you are going for an ethereal look.

maxi dress 1

Get dressed up in a printed number. This maxi dress with blue mandala prints makes for a feminine and bohemian vibe. Putting on a long sleeve dress with a V-neckline shows skin in the right places. The slit gives some necessary breathable space at the bottom. It is also good to use a ribbon or sash at the waist to highlight a form or silhouette.

maxi dress 2

When you want to be bold and fashion-forward, do not be afraid of donning a maxi dress with a vibrant and vivid color. This maxi dress in tropical prints speaks summer but the look can go beyond the said season. The breezy and flowing details are captivating as they are stylish.

maxi dress 3

Be daring yet classy at the same time with this striped maxi dress. It is sultry at the top with the cut and haltered neckline but it has a ruffled and tiered bottom that makes the dress tasteful and refined. You will surely gear up for that vacation with this look.

maxi dress 4

I always go for texture and contrast; hence, a maxi dress plus a leather jacket make it to the list. Since the dress is made of soft and flowing material, the leather jacket balances out the whole look. Plus a jacket can add warmth too! A black and white palette speaks nothing but sophistication.

maxi dress 5

You can style a maxi dress however you want to that is why there is definitely a lot to it. You can wear it to the beach and sometimes at work. It has a dramatic and elegant flair whatever outfit idea you are going for. Which look inspired you the most?

All photos from Pinterest.

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