5 Internship OOTD Ideas

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Have you ever had a problem with the internship OOTD? Well, we all want to look presentable and beautiful always, especially in the office with all the paper works and the things that need to be done on time OOTD is the answer!

I started my internship for my CV last week that is why I’ve been very inactive here but as much as possible I am trying to update and reach out to all of you :). So here are the top 5 outfits from Pinterest that I saved for this blog. These are the outfit inspiration that helps me survive the week of my Internship OOTD Ideas.

Monday Look #1 Black On Black 


Since it’s my first day as an intern, I make sure that I live an impression. I saw this picture on Pinterest and I like how the style matches with one another. Black on Black style is never out of style and so why not wear it for an internship, right?. The difference is I did not wear a belt (I don’t want to copy everything though, lol!) my high-waisted fitted black pants look great on my white tank top and my black blazer coat.

For my accessories, I wore a gold necklace that has a star symbol paired with a small star earring and a watch. I also pair it with a 2-inch heel. Very minimalist and chic but extra special for the first day in internship!

Tuesday Look #2 Vest On Pants


This look is such a vibe but I regret after wearing it that makes me decide to remove my Vest because I realized it’s very hot and I wore a thick vest. I love how the color tone matches the white polo shirt and the bag that I used. I pair it with some pieces of jewelry and tie my hair into a ponytail.

Wednesday Look #3 White Chiffon Top On Blush Pink Trouser


After the sweat, I experienced from wearing a vest I decided to wear a soft white chiffon shirt that I paired with my soft blush pink trouser similar to the picture. I wore flat white loafers and a white bag to match my top and it looks great! Aside from wearing an earring, a watch is a must for whenever you’re ‘on duty.

Thursday Look Internship OOTD #4 Rompers On White Shirt


This look is the most used style that I wore. I love wearing a romper that I always paired with my fitted close-neck shirt. For my internship look, I decided to pair my romper with high-edge shoes and added some jewelry like a necklace, earrings, and a watch.

Friday Look Internship OOTD #5 Cropped Blazer On Wide Denim Pants


This look is my favorite among all styles. The cropped blazer is not similar to what I have. I wore a gray cropped blazer and pair it with wide denim jeans. A heel is perfect for this look so better choose the right one. Don’t forget to wear some jewelry as well to add extra glam and fashion.

Photo credit to the respective owners. Thank you ❤

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