5 Ideas On What To Wear On A Brunch Date


Are you one of those ladies who stays up late at night and forgot you have plans the next day? Well, I got you with this easy peasy Brunch Date Ideas.

Idea #1: White Dress

brunch date outfit 1

If you have the same taste as I have and as lazy as I am when it comes to quick dressing up I bet you’ll like this idea. A white dress will always save a quick dressing up! No need for more glamour for a brunch date. With loafers or heels and a little touch of makeup, you’re ready to go for a brunch date! If you want to be creative and add a little spice to the outfit, you could wear a hat or sunglasses or a scarf perhaps. Whatever your style is will do for a white dress.

Idea #2: Leather Shorts On Fitted Top

brunch date outfit 2

This look is very easy for a quick dressing up. With a pair of leather shorts and some fitted tops, you will surely look effortlessly glam on a brunch date. You can pair this look with a high boot or a high cut boot or even loafers. Wearing jewelry will add extra spice to the whole look as well.

Idea #3: Loose Pants On Silk Top

brunch date outfit 3

This must be the laziest outfit idea I have in mind but it’s very comfy and it gives the minimalist vibe of an outfit. A silk top or whatever top you are planning to wear is perfect for loose pants especially if you are wearing a white one. Wearing jewelry is a must for this look as well.

Idea #4: Terno On Terno

brunch date outfit 4

If you think you don’t have time to mix and match your outfit then go ahead and wear the terno outfit you have in your closet. Just make sure that you match your bag and shoes for your outfit as well as your jewelry.

Idea #5: Long Sleeve On Ruffled Skirt

brunch date outfit 5

A Long Sleeve on Ruffled Skirt is the perfect outfit for a brunch date. Class yet girly style for an outfit with heels and a cute bag.

The trick for every outfit is to always make sure that you know how to mix and match the color of your outfits to not over style them.

What idea do you have in mind for a brunch date? Care to share? Comment down below and let’s exchange thoughts 😉 See you at the next one!


Photo credit: Pinterest. Thank you ❤

By Belle Willow

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