5 Hermès Videos Worth Your Time

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It was the year 1837 when Thierry Hermès opened his workshop and started making the finest quality harnesses and saddles in the heart of Paris which was the start of Hermès legacy. Hermès is still a family-owned company whose craftspeople specialize in leather goods, lifestyle accessories, home furnishings, perfumery, jewelry, watches, and ready-to-wear.

Here, are five Hermès videos worth your time:

Silk marbling: a Japanese technique rediscovered

Silk marbling is an Inkjet printing that has transposed silk printing effects to fabric, without ever equalling the delicacy and radiance of the patterns found by Hermès in an old album in the archives of its Lyon textile sector. After years of research, this technique of silk marbling using a compressed, through-colored starch paste was rediscovered in Kyoto. It’s such a treat for the eyes to see this technique coming alive in this video.

Hermès Lignes sensibles High Jewellery

À l’écoute necklace designed by Pierre Hardy makes one really appreciate the craftsmanship and patience that is needed for showcasing a necklace as an object that offers both hold and flexibility.

Hermès Luxury is that which can be repaired

The video takes place in Hong Kong, where experienced artisans make a well-loved bag look new again, by changing a handle or retouching an area of color. Restoring, and repairing, it’s what their skill is all about. The highlight of the video is when the artisan realizes that he is working on a bag that he had created in France and was now in his hands 15 years later in Hong Kong.

The Hermès’ bag, a mother-daughter tradition

The video focuses on Eriko who pays a vibrant tribute to her late mother, who bequeathed her a Kelly bag. This peerless piece has a life of its own, that the young woman prolongs and honors at all times. I found this video, very relatable as when one receives an heirloom from a family member, whenever they look at it memories pop up of that certain family member and we feel emotionally attached to it.

The hackberry crop is the pride of Sorède’s supported employment workshop

Hundreds of inhabitants of Sorède, in the south of France, braided whips and rode crops in hackberry wood until the car supplanted the horse. A workshop at the foot of the Albères massif still works with this strong, supple wood, in an establishment for people with mental disabilities. This video gives hope for a better future where one is empathic rather than sympathetic and shows the strength that one truly has. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog and would like to leave you with a question what does luxury means to you?

Featured Image: Pinterest

videos: Hermès youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/c/hermes)

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