5 Health Effects of Wearing Tight Boxers or Briefs For Men

tight boxers

Boxers are very common across all nations. Long gone are the times when men used to go commando, with seemingly nothing under their clothes. Nowadays, most men are wearing boxer shorts to cover their lower private parts and enhance comfort when sitting and walking around.

When it comes to choosing the right type of underwear, this is mostly a personal choice as it varies from one person to another. Regardless of the type of boxer you have chosen, a common question affects all of us, that is, Is it okay for men to wear tight boxers?

Some scholarly articles published in renowned journals have linked the wearing of tight boxers to adverse health effects. Here are the adverse health effects:

Health Effects of Wearing Tight Boxers:

1. Low sperm count:

Sperm count is a key factor in impregnating a woman and siring children. According to medical research conducted on Men in the year 2018, those men who wore tight boxers and underwear were found out to have a lower sperm count. However, the sperms were still very healthy.

tight boxers

2. Slows down blood circulation:

Research has proven that men who wear tight underwear and pants are most likely to suffer from poor blood circulation to the penis and other regions. The nerves in these critical regions can also be numb. When blood circulation is not adequate enough, some of the tissues in the conjugal regions may die.

3. Inflammation and Pain:

Too tight pants obstruct your blood flow as indicated above. You might realize that some of your private parts have begun getting swollen and thus resulting in too much pain. To avoid this, keep off from tight boxers and underwear.

4. Skin diseases as a result of wearing tight boxers:

A majority of you are suffering from skin-related infections due to tight clothing. Wearing too-tight boxers has been linked to skin problems and often causes itching, rashes, and redness in the private parts. When the boxers are too tight, there is a lot of friction when one is walking around hence resulting in itching and rashes.


5. Restricted air circulation and rise in temperatures:

Those who have studied human anatomy can attest to the reason why the human scrotum is located at the outer parts of the body, to keep the temperatures low. The burden of tight boxers causes a rise in temperature hence affecting sperm production.


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