5 Graduation Outfit Ideas For Girls

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These past few weeks have been a busy week for me and I wasn’t able to write for days. The reason is, I was occupied with school works and preparation for my graduation photoshoot and a lot of things are going on with my life right now.

College graduation is such an overwhelming feeling and this is everyone’s dream. You know, to wear a graduation toga and to receive our college diploma. Being able to graduate or finished your study is something that no one can get from you. It’s a self-pride and honor to ourselves. I know a lot of us are graduating online and I know it’s frustrating because we all want to walk down the stage and receive our diploma but since we are still in a pandemic we don’t have a choice though.

As I have mentioned, I’ve been preparing for my graduation photoshoot and another thing that makes me feel stressed is “what outfit should I wear for my graduation photoshoot?”. It took me 3 days to think of what should I wear and I keep on fitting my dresses because I want this graduation shoot to be special for me. This is one of my dreams and now it has finally come. These Graduation Outfit Ideas are similar to what I personally choose in my closet. So if you want to consider this different style for your graduation shoot, check it out!

White Dress Graduation Outfit Idea

White Dress Graduation Outfit Ideas
White Dress Graduation Outfit Ideas-2
White Dress Graduation Outfit Ideas-3

I have noticed that most of the girls are wearing white dresses on a graduation photoshoot. It’s a good choice of color. Very simple and easy to pair with any shoes. Since this is a graduation look you can choose a white dress that is elegant and classic. It could be formal or casual, whatever your style is that is fine but I think a plain white dress is much better than a white-colored printed dress.

I pick white dress as one of my choices for a grad shoot because I love white color but later on I realized I wear white way too much so I refuse a white dress for a grad shoot but for anyone who chooses a white dress, it’s a good choice I tell you :).

Black & White Combo Loose Pants

Black & White Combo Loose Pants
Black & White Combo Loose Pants-2
Black & White Combo Loose Pants-3

A blacktop and white loose pants are a casual look for a group graduation shoot. This is the style that I wore for our group photoshoot. It’s a one-shoulder fitted ribbed blacktop that I paired with my loose pants. The reason that I choose this look for a group shoot it’s because I want to be comfortable and this look gives me so much comfort with my black heels that are so comfy as well. It’s a color combo of my favorite colors, black and white and this look reminded me of the party that I attended a few years ago. For my hair, I curled it and of course, I make sure that my makeup looks great on me.

Midi One Shoulder Dress Graduation Outfit

Midi One Shoulder Dress Graduation Outfit Ideas
Midi One Shoulder Dress Graduation Outfit Ideas-2
Midi One Shoulder Dress Graduation Outfit Ideas-3

If you want a formal yet stunning outfit for your graduation photoshoot, this midi one-shoulder dress is for you. It’s fit which is good if you want to emphasize your curvy look. It looks good for whatever hairdo you are planning for your hair. For the shoes, make sure to choose the right color of shoes that will match your dress.


Long-sleeve Dress Graduation Outfit

Long-sleeve Dress Graduation Outfit
Long-sleeve Dress Graduation Outfit-2
Long-sleeve Dress Graduation Outfit-3

Long sleeve dress is actually my number one choice for my graduation shoot but I pictured out how hot the studio would look like so I change my mind. It’s a perfect outfit actually, it’s formal and classy especially if you pair it with a good heel.

Black Dress Graduation Outfit Ideas


Black Dress Graduation Outfit Ideas
Black Dress Graduation Outfit Ideas-2
Black Dress Graduation Outfit Ideas

A black plain dress is a very common outfit for a graduation shoot as well. This is the style that I wore for my solo graduation photoshoot. I choose a black dress because just like the white color I also love black. The black dress that I wore is similar to the second picture. It has a low neckline and hugs my body well which I love because it gives highlight to the black dress. I paired it with black heels as well.

Just like any other events, we attend we always want to look good, especially graduation. It’s not every day we graduate so wear the best outfit you could wear and put a good makeup to match the outfit.

To all the graduates of 2022! Hooray for a successful school year! Cheers to that diploma as well as to your chic outfit! See you at the next one!

Photo credit to all the owners on Pinterest and Instagram. Thank you 🙂

By Belle Willow

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