5 Fruits You Should Use to Achieve Healthy and Fast-Growing Hair

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Hair: Stunted growth is common and cuts across ladies of all ages. Hair forms an integral part of fashion and your all-around wellness as a lady. Hair is responsible for your general outlook and is a key factor in how your clothes and the general outfit come out. For this reason, every fashion lover should take great care of their hair, including consuming fruits that enhance the growth of their hair.

Harmful chemicals, body stress, and other environmental factors are key reasons why most ladies suffer hair loss and other hair-related defects. Most ladies fail to know that the health of their hair is majorly anchored on what they eat and feed on. A healthy lifestyle equals healthy progress in the growth of hair.

For your hair to grow in a healthy way, you need to incorporate vegetables and fruits into your diet. The two are a major source of fiber and vitamins that are essential for healthy hair. With me here is a list of 5 fruits that you need to consume often to achieve healthy and fast-growing hair. Take a look:

1. Bananas:

Not known to many, bananas are an excellent source of potassium that has plenty of known natural oils that make your hair soft and hence not easily damaged by prevailing external factors. Additionally, bananas can either be consumed or applied directly to the hair as they give it a natural glow and shine.

Healthy and Fast-Growing Hair: bananas

2. Paw Paw Fruit:

Are you experiencing baldness in your head and your hair is leaving its natural hairline and fast approaching the center? A ripe pawpaw mixed with a number of shampoos and creams can help restore your hair to its natural hairline.

Healthy and Fast-Growing Hair: paw paw fruit

3. Strawberries:

This fruit is for the ladies who are affected by fungal infections on their heads and hair. Surprisingly, strawberries, ripe or not, contain manganese, copper, and other useful components that treat infections that grow near the hair follicles and thus promote healthy hair growth.

4. Oranges:

Oranges are some of the most available fruits on this planet. Oranges are important fruits for the enhancement of hair growth in your entire body. Oranges have plenty of vitamin C which are natural antioxidants that improve blood circulation near your scalp where your hair is, thus promoting hair growth. Apply the oranges near the root of your hair for the best experience.

Healthy and Fast-Growing Hair: oranges

5. Apples:

Despite being expensive, apples are locally available. They contain soluble fibers as well as vitamins. Let me tell you what this fruit does to your hair. It maintains the pH level within the scalp and the hair and thus aids in the prevention of hair loss. Once you extract the juice from an apple juice, apply it all over your hair for maximum results.


By Alex

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