5 Free Tips on How to Wear High Heels Pain Free all Day

comfy high heels

High heels are appealing to the eyes, especially when worn with the right type of outfits and accompaniments. It is a fact that a number of ladies have dozens of pairs of high heels in their shoe racks but avoid wearing them simply for one reason, they are uncomfortable!

When we flip the coin onto the other side, you must have wondered how comes some women can walk around in high heels all day as if they were born in them. For you, it might even be troublesome to wear high heels for 5 days. Having just concluded my research, I am happy to present to you some of the free tips on how to wear high heels pain-free all day. Take a look:

1. Make sure the High heels fit your feet:

The biggest mistake you can make in the fashion industry is trying to walk around with shoes that are either oversize or undersized. If you are going shopping, make sure you choose the right type of shoe. High heels come in different sizes and shapes. How easily you walk in high heels entirely depends on choosing the right size for your feet.

comfy high heels

2. Begin your practice with small inches and go up:

You are uncomfortable wearing high heels because you want to start big. You must understand that you can’t just start with some 10 cm long high heels if you have never started with the 2 cm ones. In my opinion, it is better to start small and build up. By training your feet in low heels, they will gradually develop the strength they need to balance you.

3. Start with the wider High heels:

When it comes to high heels, there are wider heels and thin heels. If you are a new bigger make sure you start with the wider heels as they are likely to improve your balance.

Inner soles, commonly known as insoles, especially the

4. Use Insoles for extra comfort:

Leather Insoles will give you an easy time when you are wearing your heels. They also make sure that your foot doesn’t slip forward when you are walking.


5. Rest before wearing the heels:

The reason you might be uncomfortable when wearing your heels could be because your feet didn’t have enough rest. Make sure you sit down as much as possible and stretch your legs from time to time to relax them. Don’t wear high heels consecutively. Alternate them and the flat shoes to be more comfortable on the day you wear the heels.


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