5 Famous and Hottest Crossdressers in Kenya 2024

crossdresser eric omondi
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Famous and Hottest Crossdressers: Crossdressers are on the rise, especially due to the rise in Western culture, especially in several nations on popular continents. Gone are the days when cross-dressing was a huge crime. Nowadays, the world is getting used to spotting men dressed like women. Indeed, guys are now into feminism for reasons best known to them. All cross-dressers in Kenya are fast gaining social media followers as well as making a decent earning from the entire cross-dressing thing. However, most of them have been linked to homosexuality, a claim they have constantly denied:

Hottest Crossdressers in Kenya:

1.Kinuthia-Famous Crossdressers :

So far, Kinuthia tops the Kenyan list of the most famous crossdressers. Kinuthia has earned himself much-desired fame and is now the most renowned crossdresser. His skills are so perfect that it is difficult to believe that he is male. His curves and body shape plus his ass are far much better than most of the ladies. He makes it to the list of one of the hottest cross-dressers since he has already embraced the person he is.

crossdresssers kinuthia: Famous and Hottest Crossdressers

2. Dennis Karari:

Through the years, Dennis has grown to be one of the hottest crossdressers in Kenya. Many confuse him for a lady. He is one of the most classy and sassy socialite crossdressers with an upgraded life. He is already earning great from cross-dressing.

3.Eric Omondi -Famous Crossdressers :

Eric is one of the most famous comedians in Kenya. Through comedy, he has introduced a new aspect of crossdressing, revealing to us his other side of fashion. Eric Omondi has proven to us a thousand times that his diva game is top-notch. Eric Omondi dresses better than many Kenyan ladies.

4. Oga Obinna:

When it comes to fashion and dressing, comedian and radio presenter Oga Obinna is a top deal. On many occasions, he has taken Kenyans by storm due to his unique imitation of ladies through cross-dressing, Including his very latest imitation of Akothee.

Oga Obina Akothee crossdressers: Famous and Hottest Crossdressers

5. Latoya Johnson:

How about flipping the coin onto the other side, Latoya is no joke as far as an imitation of males is concerned. Despite the hardships she has had to endure, Latoya has managed to accept herself and above all, love herself. She is so far one of the most celebrated crossdressers in Kenya.


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