5 Easy Ways to Wear the Denim Fashion Trend

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As I have said before, denim is a closet staple because of its fit, versatility, and functionality. It can be skinny or loose. It comes in blue, white, black, or any other color you can think of. It has pockets for your needs which makes it a useful and at the same time a stylish chunk in your wardrobe. So below are a few suggestions on how you can wear the denim fashion trend in the easiest way possible. These are combinations of fashion pieces that you already have that you can mix and match to create the final look.

Wear a button-down. Keep it fresh and uncomplicated by wearing a button-down that is tucked creatively. This is a modern take on a classic ensemble that is a white top paired with black loafers and a patent black bag with gold accents over a snug fit denim. Wearing sunglasses is a plus too!


Wearing a pair of high-waisted, skinny jeans will create an illusion of longer legs, thus, making you seem taller. Well, who doesn’t want that? Achieve and complete the look with a silk camisole that is glam and feminine at the same time.


Knitwear and cardigans are your trusted staples. Donning Capri denim pants, a sweater in brown then a pair of mules makes for an expressive outfit.


Dress into an outfit that can take you from day to night. You can do this by wearing embellished jeans. Dainty pearl accents appear luxurious. Also, you will be able to express your personality through a pop of color in your attire.


A band shirt plus mom jeans or slouchy pants combination is the ultimate casual comfy. It is a rugged look that plays around with texture between hard denim and a soft cotton shirt. And can it get any more comfortable by completing the look with sneakers and socks footwear? This is the top choice when you are to go to different places because comfort is key.


Whatever outfit choice you have, you can never go wrong with denim jeans. You may also want to read something about wearing denim as bottoms and then inner and outerwear for the top at this link: http://ourfashionpassion.com/five-ways-of-styling-denim/

It is without a doubt that the denim fashion trend has taken over our lives in the most positive and impactful way.

All photos from Pinterest.

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