5 Easy Steps To Select The Eternity Ring That Is Best For You

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If there were one perfect piece of jewelry that could appropriately portray your everlasting love for her, it would surely be an eternity ring. Due to their circular shape, eternity rings are believed to be a symbol of endless love.

Eternity rings can be given on wedding anniversaries, the birth of a child, and special occasions to honor each milestone of your relationship and as a commitment to stay together forever. The diamonds or other gemstones embedded in the circular band symbolize the circle of life and are gifted as a token of love.

If you’re looking for an eternity band but don’t know how to select the best one, then follow these 5 easy steps to design a perfect one.

1. Symbolism

Eternity bands are a lot more than just ordinary jewelry pieces. Therefore, an eternity band should only be given to your partner after a contemplative consideration. If you want to show your lifelong commitment and utmost love to your partner, then customize an eternity band, symbolizing your long-lasting love for her.

You may also gift your partner an eternity band on childbirth as a promise to be together on this new journey.

2. Gemstone

Gemstones are of the essence when it comes to eternity bands. Once you are clear about your purpose and feelings behind gifting an eternity band to your partner, it’s time to breathe life into the band by bedecking it with meaningful gemstones.

You can also opt for a birthstone for your wife to make the eternity band more meaningful. Or, you could choose another stone that best conveys how much you are enamored of her. You can also embed a combination of colorful gemstones on your eternity band to give it a fancy look it.


3. Ring Setting

While selecting a ring setting for the eternity band, you need to know what type of setting would suit you best. For example, go for a prong setting (also known as claw setting) eternity band if you want more brilliance and sparkle. The prong setting covers less area of the stone, which allows a significant amount of light to travel through the stone.

You can also pick a channel setting to make your eternity ring look magnificent. The channel setting is also considered the safest and most durable setting when it comes to eternity rings.

4. Metal

It would not be wrong if I said that the choice of metal adds the essence to the eternity band. Ensure that you choose a metal that sets a perfect equilibrium with the color of the gemstones. For example, rose and yellow gold make a good combination with colorful gemstones and platinum elevates the beauty of the diamond eternity band.

5. Style

After deciding upon each and every factor about selecting a perfect eternity band, you ought to pick out a style that would not only augment the overall look of the eternity band but also add character to your attire. Pick out a beautiful gemstone cut to make people pay attention to your ring whenever you go to any event.

If it’s for your anniversary, pick out an emerald-cut or oval-cut eternity ring to make your anniversary remarkable. Or, if it’s for childbirth, then a round-cut eternity band will spread the magic in the event.

Gift an eternity wedding band to your wifey with a promise to be with her forever, no matter what. Buy a dazzling eternity band from GemsNY’s exquisite collection to express your love and care to your partner.

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