5 Different Types Of Lipstick

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A decent lipstick purchase entails much more than just selecting a colour that you find attractive. Make sure the lipstick you’re wearing fits your needs by checking the label. Knowing the different kinds of lipsticks and the functions they serve also aids in understanding their benefits and drawbacks.


 You will get the answers to your inquiries, such as which lipstick lasts the longest, after reading this article. Which lipstick nourishes the lips the best? Which will do the least damage? Which one fits the situation best? Continue reading to learn the differences between each style of lipstick and choose which one is ideal for you.

Different Types Of Lipstick :-

After reading this post, you will have the answers to your questions, such as which lipstick lasts the longest. Which lipstick best nourishes lips? Which one will do the least harm? Which one best matches the circumstances? Discover the distinctions between each type of lipstick in the next paragraphs to help you decide which is best for you.

1. Cream Lipstick:-  


Cream Lipstick

The cream has a much more subtle, matte appearance. Although cream lipstick isn’t sparkly, it will appear lovely and smooth as a lip covering. Cream lipsticks can protect the lips, but they don’t really do anything to moisturise the lips. The recipe for the cream lipstick resembles wax. Your lips will act as a barrier against the elements thanks to the wax.


Additionally, it should be noted that creamy lipsticks work best in cooler areas because they tend to melt in hot, muggy environments. To maintain their consistency and avoid breaking during the summer, store them in the refrigerator. Choose one of these lipsticks if you don’t want to deal with the effort of priming, lining, and lip prep before applying lipstick.

 2. Lip Stains or Tints:- 


lipstains lipstick

When you want to give your lips a little colour without giving off the impression that you are using lipstick, lip stains or tints are fantastic. Lip tints can range in pigmentation from nearly light and natural-looking to vivid and bold, and they are often quite long-lasting.

 Since they don’t need to be touched up during the day, lip stains and tints are incredibly low maintenance. However, keep in mind that this kind of lipstick makeup can occasionally leave your lips feeling quite dry. Bonus tip: Some lip colours may also be used as cheek colours.

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3. Frosted Lipstick:- 


frosted lipstick

In the 1990s, frosted lipsticks were popular on and off the red carpet and runways. Frosted or metallic lipsticks make your lips shine and glitter as they reflect light, giving the impression that they are plumper and fuller.

 Some of these lipsticks also have small bits of glitter or shimmer that give your lips an additional sparkle and make them appear to be molten metal, Remember to moisturise your lips first if you want to use this lipstick makeup since it might cause your lips to become dry and cracked.

 4. Matte Lipsticks:- 


Matte lipstick

Sometimes a matte finish lipstick is what you want if you want to seem contemporary. The matte is precisely as its name implies; it is neither shiny nor glossy. A matte lipstick will give you a very flat appearance, yet they are available in many shades. Even though matte lipsticks don’t shine, they nonetheless have a very strong appearance. 


Matte lipstick Huda

There are several matte-style lipsticks that include moisturisers as well. These could appear somewhat glossier than a genuine matte.

5. Sheer Lipstick:-


Sometimes a matte finish lipstick is what you want if you want to seem contemporary. Women who enjoy a little shimmer on their lips usually go for sheer lipsticks. 


sheer lipstick

These lipsticks have hydrating oils added to them so that your lips won’t stay dry. This lipstick will go with any outfit or style, whether it’s for work or a party. These lipsticks’ disadvantage is that they wear off quickly and require reapplication every four to five hours. However, this lipstick would be the greatest option if you have dry or cracked lips.

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