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In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about the different types of hair clips. Hope you enjoy it!


1- Bobby Pin

Bobby Pin is the earliest and strongest hold pin for hairs. Their narrow legs secure our hair very tightly and securely. Very first, It was available only in black and copper colour but now we can get it in different colours like golden and brunette.

Bobby Pin hair clips

2- Sectioning Hair Clips

Sectioning Clip generally uses during the styling process. Their long and narrow shape makes the hair secure for a long time of periods. We use it while applying for an extension, uncurling, blow drying or in any styling process.

Sectioning Hair Clips

3- French Barrette Hair Clips

Since it was first created in French is known as French Barrette. A French Barrette is small, essence, and has a fastener underneath that pops into place to secure. The classic style is two simple lines of the essence on top but currently has numerous different accoutrements fastened to this top portion for vibrant styling.

Barrette can be small and placed over the observance or come in a large variety to be attached to the reverse of the head.

French Barrette Hair Clips

4- Snap Hair Clips

Snap Clips specifically use for kiddies. They generally find it in many bright colours so that it looks more funny and cute. This kind of clip can’t cover the whole hair, it just covers a few layers of hair.

Snap Hair Clips

5- Banana Clip

Banana Clip secures a lot of hair bun. There are many teeth in the medium of this clip and it attaches both sides from the top of both side of the clip when the circle shape lock together. Its uses in daily hairstyles. We can use it without a comb, just collect the hair and put it very easily.

Banana Clip

Images – Pexels

Blog By – Komal Saini 

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