5 Different Fun Ways To Wear Beanies – They All Work

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5 Different Fun Ways To Wear Beanies – They All Work

Beanies are a key component of winter style but are largely overlooked. Yes, it is important to use them keeping in mind the utility, it is cold outside, but you can still leave room for fun. Whether you’re shopping for colorful beanies or just changing your style, it is possible to make this seasonal hat functional and trendy. Take it from someone who has spent too many winters reusing the same boring hat. It was gray and itchy, and I swear it would hiss every time I tried to put it on. I’ve since kicked them on the sidewalk and now I have a bunch of brightly colored hats and different shapes that I spin. It’s winter! I’m cold and sad and a pink hat makes me happy, damn it.

I tell you, if you wear nice Beanies in the right way, you will forget about the almost freezing temperatures outside. Okay, maybe not, you will still be shaking, but you will be a little more elegant doing it. Here are five simple tips inspired by today’s celebrity beanie style.


Go monochrome Or add a splash of bright color.

On the other hand, you can draw attention to your colorful hat by using only neutral colors. For maximum effect, choose a bright color like purple or neon green and pair it with clothing in black, white, and gray. You paid for that Beanie. Let the world see it.

Pairs with a patterned T-shirt or sweater.

If you’re looking for that effortlessly cool vibe, this is the place. Pair a black beanie and a black print tee to imitate the trendy kids you wanted to befriend in 2006.

Color, but stay covered.

If neon green is too much, the pop of color also works in less intense shades like maroon and deep blue. And to be honest, those shades are better suited for winter anyway. If you prefer, save the “Look at Me” palette for the summer and warm up with some, well, warmer colors for now.

And wild card: a Beanie in summer.

A Beanie can work in the summer. The trick to avoiding getting burned is to look very light and airy with your clothes: a simple white T-shirt and shorts will suit you.

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By Navneet Samuel

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