5 Cute Ways To Style Maternity Outfits

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Annyeonghaseyo, fashionistas (waves), it’s time to preggo it up (lol). Yep! Pregnant ladies in the house, can I hear a woohoo? (laughs). I’ve got you guys on my mind, so how about 5 cute ways to style maternity outfits because, why not?  The carefully written way makes my imagination swell, and I just wanted to share my love for it with you guys. One of the descriptions I love more than anything while reading novels is the pregnant female’s outfits. Besides, who doesn’t want to look attractive even while preggo? 

I learned a lot of things while researching pregnant women. For example, they start showing between 16-22 weeks for beginning mothers. Fortunately there are more fashion trends that concern pregnant women to keep them looking even more current and attractive. There are some celebrities that I look up to for their fashion status in their pregnancy days. Celebs like the Kardashians are one of the beacons for updated fashion trends. Yeah, even though some of their pregnancies were concealed, we still look back and see that the clothes they wore are still trending.

One of the ways to show off that adding baby weight can look so cool is during pregnancy. Who doesn’t want to receive compliments like “You look so cute” or “you have an adorable baby bump and that dress is to die for”?

Below are 5 cute ways to style maternity outfits:

1. Who says maxi dresses are out of style?

Maxi dress maternity outfitsThere is no better way to describe looking absolutely beautiful or attractive while pregnant than when wearing maxi dresses. Maxi dresses are one of the maternity outfits that can never be outdated and rightfully so.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to show off her cute baby bump in a beautiful off-shoulder, green-patterned, maxi dress and pairing it with mule flats? Or a flowery, long-sleeved maxi dress that fits at the top and flares from below the breast-line?


I just love maxi dresses and they are a must-have in every pregnant woman’s closet.

maxi dresses maternity outfits

The greatest quality of a maxi dress as a maternity outfit is comfort. The ability to move freely and show off your top or bottom or small or big bump is something that should not be traded. However, if you’re just starting out in your second trimester where your baby bump is still small and you feel like going out for more fancy dinners and events. Then you can always switch up with a silky maxi dress and replace flats, or sandals for a pair of low heels. Anything that would keep you comfortable. If you’re feeling like more, then going for maxi dresses with a little slit would make you look classy and comfy.

2. Rock the chic vibes.

maternity outfit

When I say chic vibes, I’m talking about denim jackets over short comfy fitted gowns. It also comprises of loose fitted tops tied in high waist stretchy skirts, maternity summer dresses, and flared outfits. I completely understand when women who are late in their pregnancies don’t have time to stand up and dress. It is quite hard to think of an outfit that you would be wearing to go on a cute date with your hubby and then be strong enough to dress up. That’s why having gowns is more of a comfortable go-to maternity outfit than any other outfit. This is also what I would recommend for any woman who is already late in her pregnancy.



There are many outfits that can be considered to make you look chic, classy, and smart even when pregnant. Husbands who may be reading this: use these straightforward examples to help her get dressed without stressing her out.

maternity outfits maternity outfit

For a simple walk around the park as an exercise prescribed by the doctor. Go for a short sunny flowery dress that’s fitted at the top and flared at the bottom. This outfit will help you get your legs the long-needed sunlight and warmth as you walk.

For the usual Saturday night date with your husband, I recommend wearing a silky silver slip dress with flowing sleeves and pairing it with a pair of low silver heels. This outfit is comfortable and stylish, and it will make you feel confident and beautiful for your date night.

3. Pull on the street styles.

maternity outfits

The best time to rock stretchy jeans or pants for pregnant women is when they’re in their first and second trimester. I feel like I would definitely miss wearing jeans, I mean, who wouldn’t (lol). However, during the period of 16-32 weeks, pregnant women can still rock their stretchy spandex, or leggings and jeans with a flowing top. This style would make you look so cute for whatever errand you’re running as part of an exercise. Another style to go for on a street vibe is denim overall. Yep, I love me with some denim outfits. The shirt dress is another classic street style that gives a classy vibe, rocked with a pair of gladiator sandals.

4. Formal maternity outfits.

When people say maternity outfit, we begin to think of bubu’s, huge gowns, and stuff, but dare I say; it can be professional. The Kardashians have taught me that being pregnant doesn’t mean you should give up your classiness even at work. The usual pairing of knee-high gowns and blazers gives you an edge in the professional fashion line. I especially love pairing a cotton black turtle neck, body con gown with black blazers and a pair of slipper heels. If you are going on a business lunch date, it isn’t bad to wear a draped maxi gown of any color.

Who doesn’t like a pant suit to show that you’re professional? Well, how about we keep that thought for now and go for stretchy black trousers, a white loose top and a black blazer to compliment. I know there are people who would look for stretchy pant trousers, but be careful with the kind of material. Fabrics like cotton, linen, silk and ankara are good options for pregnant women. Another outfit is a shirt dress and a long leather trench coat.

5. Build your cuteness.

I believe hoodies are one of the most versatile outfits that makes no matter what you pair it with, look cute. Wearing an oversized baby pink hoodie and stretchy fitted pants with a bowler hat would really make me cute. (Don’t you think?) Personally, I think I would be cute when I’m pregnant (lol). If you’re not a fan of hoodies, which I don’t think is possible (wink), then I guess another attempt would be a sweatshirt. Pairing a complete sweatsuit with canvas would leave you in the cute and classy department.


Do you want to know how to keep things even warmer and how to style these hoodies? Well, check out my trendy winter outfits.

So, that’s it folks! Pregnant ladies, or those who are still hoping, I’m sure (yeah, sure) this was a guide for you to express your outfit ideas. Thank you for reading another episode of my blog. I’m welcome (lmao). Urgh, I’m awfully tired and i have an early start and a long day tomorrow (crying).  Gotta go people of the fashion world (Muah).

Don’t forget the usual reading for the day (wink. My novels! Let me just say I appreciate all of you who support me both here and on the novel sites. I thoroughly love you and there’s nothing you can do about it.

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Later Fashionistas…

God bless you guys (love emoji)

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