5 Cute Valentine’s Day Couple Outfits

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Hola, fashionistas! It’s another time to roll up my sleeves and give you all something unique to read in your favorite fashion magazine. So, people have been singing this particular song around my university area. “Valentine is coming, where’s your boyfriend? You are sitting at home, lonely.”.  Yep, it’s not the kind of song I’d like to sing because I am still single, but it gave me an idea for today’s topic. I wanted to go for matching outfits but 5 cute Valentine’s day couple outfits, pretty much sums it up.

Valentine’s Day is a special day for couples to express their love for one another. Whether you are single or taken, there are many ways to show your affection on this day. Some people believe that wearing matching outfits is a way to show your partner that you are on the same page, while others think it is cheesy. Whatever your opinion, there are many cute couple outfit ideas out there to choose from!

5 Cute Valentine’s Day Couple Outfits:

1. Outfits for a dinner date:





If you’ve read my previous post, 8 cheap but fantastic ideas for valentine’s day, then you’re on the right track. No matter what the occasion, picking the right outfit is always important. Whether you’re staying in for a cozy candlelit dinner or going out to a chic restaurant, you’ll want to make sure you look your best. So maybe wearing classic black and red to match seems like a good idea.

For example; the guy could go for a sleek black tux or suit and pair it with a classic red tie while the lady wears a chic red gown to match. You could even do a no-tie, simple shirt, and trouser outfit for the guys and a classy knee-length flare gown for the ladies.

Note: the dress doesn’t have to be red (laughs)

2. Outfits for a beach picnic date

A picnic at the beach is one of my favorite valentine’s day ideas because I do not require a long dressing time. Nor do I have to overthink my outfit. For me, laying off heels and stepping into slip-on sounds like an amazing idea. However, if you are in my shoes and planning a beach picnic date, then here are a few outfit ideas.

a. Summer in Nigeria outfits: If you’re in Nigeria, then I’m sure you know that we ain’t in winter. Yeah, guys, the sun is hitting a whole new level. So, we have to bring out the lightweight outfit guns. A blue off-shoulder gown paired with a straw hat and mule sandals is a great look for any lady who wants to feel cute and flirty. For men, a shirt with khaki shorts and white sneakers is always a great choice. Or since the weather is hot, then ladies can put on their shorts and flowing tops or shirts.

You've found the one, now I find the dress.

b. Winter picnic outfits: For your next winter picnic, why not ditch the shorts for a pair of long khaki pants or chinos? Then pair them with a white button-down t-shirt, boat shoes, and a cowboy hat. Ladies can tuck away their shorts for now and go for palazzo trousers, a cropped top, and a matching kimono or jacket. Check out this trendy guide to fall-winter outfits if you’re still out of ideas.

3. Outfits for Netflix and chill:

Yep, we can’t talk about dates without talking about Netflix and chilling. Now, you might be thinking that this is something I can simply wear whatever I wanna wear, and while that is true, you can also choose to spice things up a bit. If you choose to do a nighttime date night with simple movies and junk food, and you don’t feel like dressing up. Then you can opt for a matching pajama set.

However, if you think you can spice it up a bit, then go for matching outfits. For example, the lady wears a sleeveless floral maxi dress. While the guy wears a floral print shirt and cargo pants. Oh, and since it’s valentine’s day, why not add a touch of red? I would honestly prefer to wear a simple red maxi dress with a pair of mule sandals. Then my boo would put on a red flannel shirt and black jeans.

4. Outfit for a comedy show:

A comedy show is all about relaxation and laughing your socks off. This means no flashy outfits, and no over-the-top outfits because we really do not want our heels to slip off while laughing right? So, here are a few couples’ outfits for a comedy show:

Valentine's day couple outfits Valentine's day couple outfits

a. A plain V-neck T-shirt, jeans, and a bomber jacket for the guy. Meanwhile, the lady pairs a cute top with black jeans and a bomber jacket. See?? The bomber jacket can be worn to match.

b. A lightweight fitted sweater with a midi skirt and ankle boots for the ladies. Meanwhile, the guys can wear round-neck sweaters and slacks or denim jeans. The sweaters can be worn to match.

c. A turtle neck, blazer, and slacks for the guy. Meanwhile, the lady can wear a simple black flared gown or a fitted gown and a matching blazer.

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5. Outfits for Fun and quirky ideas:

Anything that’s fun, spontaneous, and a bit quirky sounds great to me! Activities like going to carnivals, arcades, diners, and drive-in theaters are all fun.  I love being able to do things on a whim without having to plan everything ahead of time. And what’s even better is that I can wear whatever I want and still feel comfortable.

With activities like this, there’s no need to get all dressed up.


a. You can just throw on a pair of leggings and a shirt and be good to go. Or switch up by adding a leather, denim, or bomber jacket and head warmer. Meanwhile, the guys can pair denim jeans with a white shirt and then throw in a denim jacket. Or a simple jeans and sweater vest outfit.

b. You can also choose to wear something cute like a winter dress. For example, sweater dresses, and cotton long-sleeved knee-length flared gowns paired with sneakers, ankle booths, or thigh-high booths are amazing ideas. Meanwhile, the guy can wear a polo shirt with cargo pants. Or a denim shirt and jeans.

c. Baggy trousers and oversized shirts for couples would seem more romantic if they were matching (wink), am I right? I would definitely go for it because (clears throat), it’s trendy, casual, and romantic. Baggy outfits could include sweatsuits, hoodies on baggy jeans, oversized shirts, and jeans.

In conclusion:

Valentine’s day or this entire month or in fact every day is a day of love. And so, whether we are single or in a relationship, let’s endeavor to share our love with one another frequently and not just on one day. I already know I’d be spending my valentine’s day in church for a retreat and yep, we are fasting (laughs). It may sound absurd but I loved it because it gives me an opportunity to use the other days for whatever I would have loved to do. Besides, stores, diners, restaurants, beaches, etc., would be too crowded on Valentine’s day.

So, when I’m done in church after spending my day loving God since he is Love, then I’d go home and cool down with movies (comedy) and junk food. Oh, and did I mention it would be in my cute pajamas? (Laughs evilly).

This brings me to my regular and now, very usual closing remark (laughs, I’m tired too but meh, who cares). Thank you for reading another episode of my blog (clears throat), and please do not forget to read my books as they are ending.
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Later Fashionistas…

God bless you guys (love emoji)

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