5 Cool Period Pants for Menstuaral Days: Gynecologist’s Advice

four layer Period pants
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Period pants are fast replacing the old times we used to use pads and tampons. Just like fashion, the menstrual world is fast evolving. Every single day, we are having a set of new products being launched and introduced to the market sector.

With time, a number of alternative menstrual products such as period underwear have been introduced, forming the major basis of this particular article. As compared to pads and tampons, period pants seem to have gained track within a very short time of their existence. The rise in demand for period pants has been attributed to factors such as sustainability and the cost-effectiveness they have to offer.

Unlike other period products, period pants are in particular a reusable alternative to handle your different flows throughout the entire time you are on periods.

1. Light absorbency period underwear:

This is one of the coolest period underwear on the market. It has been designed by one of the best companies in the world known as Thinx. The pants come in different sizes and shapes and can hold more blood than a tampon. The underwear has a light absorbency and has been approved by a number of quality companies in the world.

cool period pants

2. High-waist bikini Period pants:

In over 3,000 reviews, this special type of period pants has received a 4.9-star rating. This means that it is one of the finest brands currently in the market. It is meant for lighter flows and is definitely equal to two tampons. According to the brand making it, the pant has the ability to fight odor and bacteria.

fancy Period pants

3. Heavy absorbency Period panty:

These are the best period pant for those days when your periods are heavy. The period underwear is super reusable and can hold more blood as compared to over 10 tampons. It is made with organic cotton and spandex. It comes in a number of different colors you can choose from.

period pants sassy

4. Boost boxer Period pants:

Who said boxers are only meant for men? That is one of the beliefs that need to be burnished from our faces. Ladies too are wearing boxers, especially this special type of period boxers. It is designed with a high absorbency of nearly four tampons and is very classic.

Period pants boxer

5. Four-layer Period panty:

Last but not least, this is a special period pants for those babes who are afraid of their blood leaking out. It is made of a four-layer to ensure no leakage.

four layer Period pants


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