5 Clever Makeup Tricks to Hide Your Double Chin

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A double chin can have a detrimental effect on your personality. That is why some people are fascinated by discovering how to mask a double chin with foundation. We understand how such a minor thing may spoil perfect selfies. So why be ashamed when you can simply conceal it? Surgical procedures to remove a double chin might be costly. But, beauty products are a safer and less expensive choice. While makeup is only a temporary fix, it may help you achieve a beautiful, gorgeous appearance that makes you feel confident. This blog outlines several basic, quick, and creative makeup techniques for concealing a double chin.

1. Dress Wisely to Conceal a Double Chin:

You may be curious how your outfit might change the shape of your chin. Yet, what you wear may make a significant impact. Avoid bringing attention to your double chin in this situation. Let people notice your neckline, collarbones, or even your throat. By wearing scoop neck shirts. A scoop-neck shirt exposes your throat and collarbones. It is very fashionable and may be paired with a formal pair of trousers.

2. Hairstyle Is Important:

double chin 1

With a high ponytail, you can conceal a double chin. Wear a close-cropped hairstyle that does not fall over your neck. The amount of your hair cascading down your neck brings more attention to your double chin. A high ponytail is one proposed hairstyle. Or, even better, go for a bob haircut. Every morning, you won’t have to come up with a fresh complicated hairdo. Hair that ends with curls beneath your chin is a major no-no. Your double chin has become a triple chin.

3. Get Cheeky:

To cover a double chin, highlight your cheekbones and eyes. No, do not interpret the term literally. All we mean is that your makeup should enhance your cheekbones and eyes. You may apply a slight eyeshade for the eyes. Apply a blusher upwards to the cheeks to bring more attention to the areas. Avoid using sparkly makeup since it highlights the double chin. Use a creamy, matte-textured contour and highlighter instead. With the emphasis drawn to the cheeks and eyes, it becomes simpler to shift the focus away from the double chin.

4. Lips Do Lie:

Use dark red lipstick to draw attention to your lips and cover a double chin. Lip color may make a significant impact on your overall look. But what matters here is the color of your lips. Choose dramatic lip colors like dark red, dark brown, and so on to disguise your double chin. You might also use sparkly lip gloss. This draws focus onto your face rather than the area underneath it.

5. Establish Your Jaw Line:


double chin 2

Makeup may be used to define the jawline and disguise a double chin. Just as you have increased your facial features such as your cheeks, eyes, and lips, another dishonest tactic is to strive to clearly define your jawline. Make use of a bronzer. Brush it along your jawline. Use a gold-toned bronzer if your skin tone is whitish or dark. Use a rose-toned bronzer if your skin tone is fair. Define your jawline using a tapered or angled brush. The line on, not below, the jawline. Blend upward towards the face and downward near the chin to get a contoured effect. By emphasizing your jawline, you can draw attention away from your double chin. Therefore, now that you know some methods to cover your double chin, you may move around the office with ease and enjoy a party without being harassed by your colleagues! However, keep in mind that a double chin is caused by weight gain in your neck. Because there is no physical activity in that specific location. The cheat methods simply serve to conceal your double chin. Yoga or consulting a doctor is the only long-term solution to removing a double chin.

With these little smart changes in your style, you can hide your double chin with grace. Be confident and strong about your appearance.

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By Misbah 

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