5 Body Parts to Apply Your Perfume for a Long Lasting Scent

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Your scent forms a great part of your entire fashion outfit. A good scent is like an additional point to the nice clothes you have put on and the nice makeup around you. It is a complementary factor that has been ignored by many people for quite some time. Not many people are careful when applying their body splashes or perfumes. This article serves as an eye opener and training to equip you with skills on how best to apply your perfume for a long-lasting scent.

Applying perfume is usually the final step in your beauty routine and is performed when one is about to leave the house. It seems simple to apply the perfume until you realize that you have been getting it wrong for quite some years. Where you spray your perfume remains a key issue and a key determiner as to whether the scent will remain strong or not. Here are the 5 Body Parts to apply Your Perfume for a Long Lasting Scent:

1. Spray perfume on your pulse points:

Pulse points are some of the best places to spray your perfume. They are the areas where your body’s veins are closest to the skin. Using your hand, you can easily identify pulse points.

Spray perfume on your Pulse Points

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2. Spray perfume behind your ear:

Ears play a central part in your smelling wellness. The back part of your ear is slightly hidden from the wind and high temperatures hence the perfume can last longer. This position is best for those who like giving out hugs.

3. Inner elbow:

An elbow is the region of your hand that joins the upper and lower arms. It has a number of pulse points that emit extra body heat which helps to naturally diffuse your body scent.

spray perfume on your inner elbow

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4. Near your breasts and neck:

For the ladies, you can be sure that the entire day will be full of hugs and so. Apply some perfume on the front part of your chest. It will also serve in communicating to you how strong or weak the scent is.

5. Inside of your wrists:

Wrists are the final junction towards the start of your hand. On the inner side, there are a number of pulse points that will generate heat, helping your perfume to diffuse more, using natural ways.


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